Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Happy 4th of July!! I hope everyone has an awesome Independence day!

Today I'm going to be sharing my first experience teaching Extended School Year (ESY).  I've never taught ESY before, but it didn't take me long to realize these are the toughest kids in the district because they need the most routine, structure, and support.

What is ESY?

ESY is a federal service for students in special education ages 3-21. ESY services vary per student depending on their needs.  They type of service, amount, and duration are determined by the IEP meeting.  Transportation is provided and services are in the LRE (Least Restricted Environment).

How do they qualify?

Students qualify for ESY based on regression and recoupment of skills based on data collected via evaluations, progress reports, observations, service logs, parent and staff input. What cannot be recouped 'during the first 8 weeks of the next school year?'

Here are 2 Google Drive forms I created.  The first one I created for my (school year) students I sent to ESY.  I created the ESY Information Form, filled it out and sent it with the box of materials for my students.  If you followed the link, you should be able to add to your drive, then modify or fill out to suite your needs.  Here's a screen shot of the download button.

Here's the form live:

Here's a sample of the information once the form is filled out.  I sent a copy of the excel sheet to the ESY teachers (in the student's box).

The second form I created was to include all the items I was sending to ESY. **sorry for the upcoming rant** I get it. You may not want to part ways with YOUR materials, YOUR resources, YOUR laminated task cards, file folders, and visuals.  The truth is....they're actually the STUDENTS' materials and resources too and they need ALL of those activities to be successful in the summer.  If you are going to make new visuals next year, send the old ones to ESY.  Sadly the things you send may not return, or be incredibly damaged...but if it helps your student be successful during ESY, they will be more successful in the fall when they return.  Don't just send 'busy work' and please, please, please, don't send worksheets when the student can barely write! **Anyways...sorry for the soap box! **
Here's the 2nd form. I added photos of all the items sent and attached it to the box so they could keep the student's things together and pack it back up easily. If you followed the link, you can also add this form to your dropbox by clicking the button that is circled below.

Here's what the live form looks like:
Here is a screen shot of my daily communication log. It's similar to my school year log, except it only has M-Th. Our summer school is Am only 4 days a week.

Daily Communication log

Overall, starting ESY has been so much fun!! It is definitely hard, but I'm getting to try new things with some kids I will be getting next year!  I've also made a quick and easy Grab&Go communication and schedule system, thanks to Christeen Reeve's clever Iris box ideas!

Grab & Go communication and schedule box
I'm getting to implement the task boxes from Especially Education.  I have also become pretty fast at playing tag with one of my kidos...in jeans...in 95* Texas weather and sliding down a slide! I also found a cool idea when buzzing for a janitor taped to my wall.  I always hate calling for a 'pee cleanup.' This school has codes!!!! Code 1=blood, code 2=vomit, code 3=urnine/poop, code 4=liquid. GENIUS!!!

What are your experiences with ESY? Do you have any suggesions, comments, ideas? Share them below or on social media. #spedESY