Thursday, April 6, 2017

Awesome April Activities

April is more than likely my most favorite month of the year! There are so many fun things you can teach during this month relating to: 
  • April Fools Day. What is your favorite April fools joke for school? 
  • Autism Awareness
  • Life cycle of chickens, butterflies, and flowers
Here is a fun activity for your kids!! Mine loved seeing their 'hair grow.' 

This one is amazing too! warned: this can stink up your room!! We couldn't figure out what the smell was, but it was so fascinating to watch it grow and label the different parts.
  • Water cycle (related to rainy days)
  • Easter
  • Earth Day (reduce, reuse, recycle)
This is my absolute favorite cooking activity for earth day.  I would like to preface...If you use food coloring, wear gloves when rolling the balls.  Otherwise, it will stain your hands! 

This is a cheap work task that you can make from dollar tree.  I laminated and velcroed my pieces onto the correct bin.

  • Fiesta (if you're in S. Texas) These little pinatas are so perfect!! My kids also like to make quac and chow down on some chips!

Some other great resources specifically from sped bloggers that I use are:

What is your favorite month of school? Do you have any fun April activities to add to my list? Comment below!