Monday, July 4, 2016

Restocking the Classroom

Happy 4th of July!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and isn't spending too much time 'working' on teacher stuff. :) I'm sharing a strategy to restock my special education self contained classroom.  I do ask parents to send in some supplies, but typically I get a few items and it rarely lasts to the holidays.  Therefore, game plan "restock during the summer" has significantly helped the past 2 years! 

My school supply list

Here's how I restock:

Over the summer I purchase items that aren't typically tax free (velcro, laminate, ziplock bags, and clorox wipes).  I typically shop once a week, so I rotate these items over 12 weeks: 
  • week 1, 5, 9: Velcro
  • week 2, 6, 10: laminate
  • week 3, 7, 11: zip lock bags & Tissues
  • week 4, 8, 12: Clorox wipes

Then during tax free weekend, I restock any items that I could get tax free, such as: sticky notes, highlighters, staples, tape, pens, pencils, glue sticks, etc. The week before school starts I also restock on any positive reinforcement I can use with the students (sodas, juice, candy, crackers, etc.) I typically find out what students like by observations and having the students and the parents complete my surveys at the beginning of the year. 
Parent surveys
Student Reinforcement Survey

How do you obtain supplies for your classroom?? Do you restock your supplies with help of parents? PTA? School district?

Have a great summer and I hope this will help you for the 16-17 school year.