Saturday, June 4, 2016

Graduation Celebration

I teach students in 6th-8th grade and every year we hold a graduation and promotion ceremony.  This year we winged it since time for practice was little to none.  The kids did well and the parents loved how we had the orchestra play the processional as the classes walked in.  Our choir students presented a beautiful rendition of Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips.  Each student received an award and then we presented a video of photos from the year as well as the 8th graders baby photos. :) Here's a few of the awards(academic and non-academic) we handed out in case you're stumped for ideas: 
  • Most Improved-the student showing the most improvement
  • Task Master-the one who completes all his tasks
  • Mr. One Man Band-the student with the most musical talent
  • Most Organized-the student who is most organized
  • Most Hard Working-always wanting to work
  • Classroom Comedian-always making us L.O.L.
  • Best Behavior-always displays perfect behavior
  • Chatter Box-Never at a loss for words
  • Classroom Diva-always looking the best
  • Perfect Gentleman-displaying perfect manners
  • Classroom Columbus-enjoys exploring the classroom
  • Sweetie Pie-has the biggest heart
  • Smiles 4 miles- the student who is always smiling

Afterwards photos were taken, cake was devoured and tears were shed with the parents in honor of how far their kiddos have grown. How does your class and school celebrate graduation/promotion/end of the year? Share in a comment below!