Monday, April 4, 2016

Special Olympics Track & Field

Hey fellow teachers!

On Friday we attended our district Special Olympics Track and Field event. During the week we discussed the expectations of riding on a bus, going to Special Olympics and how to conduct ourselves during the day.  I usually review my social narrative with them (free for the next 48hrs!). We also google map the trip from the school to the athletic center.  From there we jump to google images and look at images of the field and athletic center so the kids can see where we will be headed.  My staff and I also load up on plenty of reinforcements (edible, and tangible).

If you know Texas weather at all...Friday was the epitome of multiple seasons in one day!

Here are some highlights from out district:  

We started out with raining cool weather. By mid morning it was lightening and we were redirected to move to shelter. Then the lightening cleared. We headed back to the field where the temperatures dropped and it began to rain! So back to shelter we went! My class was already hungry by 11:30, so we ate lunch and by 12 the sun was shining in that big Texas sky.  It was enough to give me a little sunburn. By 1:30, they stopped the games so the buses could be loaded with enough time to make it back to their afternoon routes so most of my kiddos only did 1 out of 2 events. Let's just kiddos did awesome despite all of the unexpected changes in our schedule! There were no meltdowns, no tantrums, no arguing or discontent.  I could tell they were uncomfortable but they handled all of the changes very well! I was proud. It's days like this that we are working towards every other day of the school year. :) 

If you have Special Olympics events coming up with your kiddos...check out my bundle, half off until April 6th! I also hope you have more consistent and calmer weather than we did!! Have a wonderful week!