Monday, January 11, 2016

Meal Prep Monday January 2016

Happy new year! I began this monthly link up back in October...then November and December completely fell through.  Can you relate? Were the last two months of 2015 a blur? Let's start the new year off with some collaboration! Let's find great meal prep ideas to keep us accountable, inspired and enthusiastic so we can stay on top of our diet and weight loss goals!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Organize work box visuals

Happy new year!! I started back at work today and I'm blessed that it was a smooth day, despite a staff member needing to leave during the middle of the day.  If you're struggling with organizing work box visuals, here's what I do to ensure all visuals are accounted for at the end of the day. I hope it helps!

I have all of my visuals printed, laminated and velcroed in a binder. (see below)  I place them in 2" x 2" page protects, made for coins...but it works well for this! They are kept in a binder near my work box system. I also have extra pieces printed and stored in the page behind it in case pieces are lost,(which always happens), I can easily keep the system going without having to find the file on my computer, find time to print, laminate, etc.

The students each have a laminated schedule sheet (made out of card stock) with their name on it.  I place the work box visual on their schedule and they know to take of each visual, match it up to the correct location and complete the work.  Students return work when finished (visual stays attached to box) so the staff knows what to pull out and 'undo' for tomorrow. 

  • Here's a link to the page protectors: 

  • Work task visual resources from some amazing fellow sped teachers! 
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