Thursday, February 4, 2016

Picture Journals

My morning routine consists of a variety of activities focusing on a plethora of skills. These may include: days, months, current/past/future year, weather, upcoming events and simple reading/language arts and math activities relating to each student's needs.  

We start of as a group completing a monthly calendar and discussing the weather, year, days of the week and season on the smart board. 

My students then break off into independent work. They are cued to get 'your binders.'  I have a range of activities including some of the following resources in their binders: 

Autism Adventures Work System Binders
The Resource Teacher Independent Work Binder 
The Resource Teacher Independent Work Binder 2
The Autism Classroom Morning Work Bundle
School Bells N Whistles Daily Skills Practice

For a student who's specifically working on sentence building, I have created the following setup:

1) Student locates lunch on the lunch menu and reads appropriate listing.  The student writes it into his daily sheet along the today's date. 

2) The student answers or creates a sentence. This goes on "Write a sentence" section of the worksheet. I use "180 questions and Prompts" from The Autism Helper.  Sasha has it listed on her TpT store as a freebie.
3) The student chooses a photo out of 3 visuals and answers Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How questions related to the image.  It is written on his daily worksheet. 

4) The student transfers the sentence into a portable keyboard, picks one person from the classroom to read to and orally reads the sentence. 

I would just like to say...these NEO keyboards from Alphasmart are amazing! They hold up to 8 files and type just like a regular computer but without the logging in and distraction of INTERNET! The students keep track of the file they are to complete by pulling down the next 'file number' and placing it on the keyboard. The files can then be transferred into a word document on your computer and saved to the students portfolio. BAM! 

Here's a sample of my picture journal worksheet, question and 30 images! Check back this weekend for the full Picture Journal set including over 200 images! 

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