Monday, January 11, 2016

Meal Prep Monday January 2016

Happy new year! I began this monthly link up back in October...then November and December completely fell through.  Can you relate? Were the last two months of 2015 a blur? Let's start the new year off with some collaboration! Let's find great meal prep ideas to keep us accountable, inspired and enthusiastic so we can stay on top of our diet and weight loss goals!
This month I'm sharing a breakfast prep idea! I did a few weeks of this meal back in December and tried it again  this month and it's so delicious. I even made a second batch for the fiance' for his breakfast. Here's the recipe:

Pin for later from

Here's how I  modified to fit my taste:

Check out the variety of salad kits offered by Dole! 

Here's my 'dressing-2-Go' container

 If you want to use the same images for the linkup-please download here.