Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to school countdown #spedchatsaturday

I'm linking up today with Lattes, Lessons & IEPs for a back to school countdown. If you want to see some amazing posts from fellow special education teachers search #spedchatsaturday on your favorite soc. media for more resources! 

I'm definitely not ready to go back to school!! My summer hasn't even felt like a summer! I've spent the last 2 months slowly moving into a house, as well as spending the end of June / beginning of July planning for my sisters wedding (which was BEAUTIFUL). Needless to say, I'm ready for summer to 'start.' LOL 

Anyways, time marches on...

My 5 to-do's over the next 2 weeks before getting back to my classroom.
 I need to complete my teacher spiral. It contains my data, lessons, attendance, student overview, parent contact and calendars. It is my LIFESAVER. I will do a video on it once it's finished. Obviously I am always needing to print, cut, laminate, cut and assemble. I need to complete my lessons, work on my schedule (pending caseload) and lastly take my paras to lunch. I started this last year and invited my Paras out to lunch.  We went and ate some delicious Texas BBQ, talked about our summers and discussed the new year! 

4 simple ways I stay organized.
  1. I document student seizures and nurse visits for my own piece of mind, and if the parents ask when / how long was my kids seizure...I have it readily available.
  2. I use an ARD/IEP massive  checklist to help track and maintain deadlines, my paperwork and related services paperwork. 
  3. At the begging of the year, I like to get the parents talking. I send out a beginning of the year survey and let them fill in some info I may not know about them or their kiddos.
  4. Once I know parent contact info, I can easily keep in touch and document our communication efforts for my records. 

 I wish summer was longer.         I wish my to-do list was shrinking quicker. Sadly, it's not.       It's to hot in Texas. Seriously. Moving in 104 degree weather STINKS!!

If you have not used a timer to manage your time (or your class time) I highly suggest it!! These dollar tree timers are PERFECT. 

My kids love them. 
I love them!
They are simple to use. 
Batteries last forever (or so it seems). 
They are durable (if they can survive sped, they can survive gened). 

So yea...go grab you some!! $1
Dollar Tree Timers

I promise to try and be more efficient. Last year I spent too much time focusing on work, I forgot to take time for myself, my puppy and fiance. Fingers crossed-my 3rd year of teaching will even itself out. Does it ever really 'even out?' 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

BTS Special Education E-book & Giveaway!

Greetings fellow Special Educators and support staff!! I'm so glad to be participating with so many AMAZING bloggers and TpT sellers in this BTS Freebie & Giveaway. These ladies have worked incredibly hard to put this together. This download has a ton of useful tips and will save you lots of $$$ with the freebies!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wk 3 Summer Series: Savvy Schedules

Delightfully Dedicated linky

Schedules! I'm might be getting a headache from thinking about it. Scheduling your special education classroom requires a lot of planning, work, manipulating, flexibility and creativity to ensure all students receive their full day of services that are listed in their IEPs. The first thing you want to do before working on your schedules is read over all student ARD paperwork.

The past two years, I started out with sticky notes to outline my class schedule.  (sorry I don't have a photo, but will describe it as best as possible). I color coded each subject and ensured each kid had all their subjects under their name.  Then I went by their gen. ed. electives, lunch and P.E.(I work around those classes that can't be manipulated). You will also want to include any related services your students might be receiving at consistent times (i.e. music therapy Tuesday @ 10).

After I get the sticky notes nicely laid out, I start inputting int into excel.  Again with the color coding, but now I add in the times and extras (toileting, transitioning, etc.), I also include in the staff.

I then locate or create images to use for students' schedules. I use image schedules, object schedules, check schedules and even 'clock' schedules.

This is an example of a schedule for my higher functioning kiddos. (They transition independently).  They draw in the clocks and writ the class & teacher on the line! 

Check out more Savvy Schedules over at Delightfully Dedicated! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Today (Wednesday 7/8/15) I'm participating in a TpT Dollar Deal sale with some amazing special educators!! I'm sharing my emergency drills rules & first then visuals for $1.00! That saves you $3.00!! Yay for savings!:) Click on the image below to go straight to my product. 
Emergency Drill visuals: Rules & First/Then

If you would like to see other amazing dollar deals by TpT SpEd sellers use SpedDollarDeals in the search bar and fill up your cart! 

Miss, Hey Miss on TpT #speddollardeals

Miss, Hey Miss on TpT #speddollardeals

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wk2 summer series: Beautiful Behavior

I'm joining Delightfully Dedicated this week to share some behavior strategies I have found useful in my 1st 3 years of teaching. I will do my best to keep this post brief but I really enjoy figuring out students behaviors and shaping them appropriately, so this post may end up being a little lengthy.

 Delightfully Dedicated Summer Series Wk2
Delighfully Dedicated Summer Series Wk 2

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Currently July 2015

I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade with July's CURRENTLY. Add your own currently by hopping over to her blog and grabbing this month's CURRENTLY.

 July 2015 Currently Linky

  • It's 12:20 am here in SA TX and I still here lots of fireworks!! Happy 4th :) 
Image source
  • I'm loving my new house.  :) It's 1 million times better than an apartment. The best part is no more lugging laundry up and down stairs and having to purchase quarters!! Yes, PURCHASE quarters.

  • Thinking about the sweet, and relaxing 5th year anniversary my fiance' and I had today. 

  • I really want to be done moving. Seriously. Tx. heat + moving = death. 

  • I need to start planning for the next school year. This month has been jam packed with moving and planning form my sisters wedding I haven't had a chance to think about work. That's good though, right? Summer is not supposed to be completely school related activities. 
  • I'm an all star at making homemade gifts. I love to make cards, crochet and other gifts! It's my stress relief after a crazy (parent yelling, kid running off, administrators grumpy) day. 

What are you up to this July? Link up over at Oh' Boy 4th grade and share with some awesome teacher bloggers.