Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wk1 summer series: Classy Classrooms

 Delightfully Dedicated Summer series

I am so excited to have time to blog again! I'm also excited to catch up with other teachers and bloggers that I wasn't able to keep up with during the school year! Anybody else have that problem as well?

Today I'm linking up today with my SpEd friend at Delightfully Dedicated to share my Classy classroom setup!

14-15 class reveal

Here is a lovely panoramic od my class at the beginning of the year. Within 2 months, some physical structure had changed, but for the most part it remained the same.

Miss, Hey Miss! 14-15 class reveal

If you would like to see all the components of my class, check out my  class reveal from last August. Also, share you classy classroom by linking up!!