Monday, October 26, 2015

WeTeachSped Tricks & Treats Blog Hop

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Most of my students have the ability to transition within our daily schedule with a timer and verbal prompt. I have a couple who use tactile schedules and two that still need a visual and to 'check their schedule.'  There are some days where my students are finishing their choice time and I just can't get them to transition (especially to group work), so I had to include something FUN.  I needed it to be related to transitioning to their desk, disguised as a transition cue and a reinforcement for them to come to their desk.  Therefore the participation stickers were created!! 

I place a sticker on each child's desk.  While they clean up and check their schedules they get really excited to rush to their desk and place their sticker on their strip! 

Read more about Behavioral Momentum

If a student is struggling with cleaning up or even checking his schedule I will use behavioral momentum to get them going and incorporate more stickers for every part of the task they complete. 

When they fill up a strip, they get money which allows them to purchase something from our class treasure box. 
Class Dojo Sticker Freebie! 

 Grab freebie here!
Grab freebie here!

I have added Class Dojo monsters to my participation sticker set!  You can easily calculate their sticker total on their desk and transfer it into the class dojo system.  Again, I use it for students to earn money for reinforcements. 

If you want my entire sticker can purchase it below and 1/2 off! 

Sticker Participation system! 

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