Sunday, October 4, 2015

Organizing Sped Visuals

Hey readers! I'm glad to be sharing how I store the visuals in my classroom.  I store schedule icons, communication icons, and any 'extra' visuals I would need during the day in 2 easy locations. I would love to have splurged on a Success box, but just couldn't bring myself to spending $35 since I knew I could figure out a way to make something similar for less! 

Purchase your own Success Box
Check out how I created my own DIY 'Success box.'

You will need the following items all of which you can find at your local Walmart, grocery store and dollar tree.  If you prefer to shop online-you can find them by clicking on the Amazon links below! 



  1. You will want to staple the Ziploc bag to the back of the index card (just staple one side of the bag so it can still be opened).  
  2. Then you can label the front of the index card with the visuals that are stored in the baggie.  
  3. Sort the bag/cards into alphabetical order in the shoe box so it is easy to find in a moments notice during the school day.  I go ahead and place velcro onto the visuals to make it quicker to use. 
There ya go! Quick and easy storage for less than $20. It's easily used and adapted to your needs/visual pieces, and can be updated and changed quickly. 

If you use a work task system here is a great way to organize those visuals!