Friday, September 18, 2015

White Folders

White Folders on Miss, Hey Miss!

I have made it through the 5th week of the school year. This week was tough! I had an ARD, kids getting sick, staff getting sick, parents in denial, and last of all PICTURE DAY! It took us an hour today to get through pictures. I am EXHAUSTED. 

On Fridays, I spend my conference prepping the paper-pencil tasks from N2Y (News-2-You) for the next week.  My district is kind enough to provide N2Y for us to use. If you don't have access to it, ask your district if they could look into purchasing it! It is a life saver. In order to modify my students work, I need a pen, black marker and highlighters. All of my students (except for students with severe visual impairments) complete this work as independently as possible. First, as a group we read N2Y and do some activities on the smart board.  Then I transition them with a visual or a verbal prompt to get their white folders. 

They get out their folders and find the day of the week. They know the day because we have already completed the morning routine which included the calendar, date, weather and lunch.  They have access to baskets with their materials (pencil, eraser, glue and scissors).  They also know where to get the markers and colors if they have a sheet that requires coloring. Then they proceed to work as I pull the non-ambulatory students to work 1:1 and help other available assistants with hygiene. 

White Folders on Miss, Hey Miss!

MODIFICATION: Changes WHAT the student is expected to master. It changes the curriculum/materials

ACCOMMODATION: Changes HOW the student is expected to master the skill. It does not change or reduce the learning expectations

How I modify/accommodate their work: 

  • I modify and accommodate work by highlighting the correct answers to place onto the correct spot on the page or for the student to follow the highlighted lines. 
  • I accommodate by giving them a completed example
  • I modify by creating opportunities for the students to trace if they are lacking in a certain skill. 
  • I accommodate by providing reminders of definitions
  • (not pictured below) you can cut out the matching pieces for students who don't have the fine motor skills to cut and they will just be gluing. 
  • (not pictured below) you can provide stickers or a stamp for the students to place the sticker on the indicated answer if they have limited skills with a pencil/marker
Modify/Accommodate worksheets on Miss, Hey Miss!

Modify/Accommodate worksheets on Miss, Hey Miss!

Modify/Accommodate worksheets on Miss, Hey Miss!

Modify/Accommodate worksheets on Miss, Hey Miss!

I hope this helps you & your staff modify and accommodate your students work and help them become more independent. Most of my students can do 2-3 pages a day independently by the 3rd week of school. You can choose to add more pages, or reduce the modifications and accommodations until they can complete the sheet as is. Last year I had 2 students who where only needing 1 or 2 places highlighted in order to complete the pages independently.
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