Monday, August 31, 2015

Successfully Prep student IEPs

Hey teacher friends!! I hope everyone is having a smooth start to the 2015-2016 school year! I am starting my second week and so far the honeymoon has been good! Let's hope it stays as smooth as it is and I can continue to blog and make TpT products!! **fingers & toes crossed**  I will be sharing the forms I use to keep track of paperwork needed for an A.R.D. (Annual, Review, Dismissal).  I'm in Texas so this is equivalent to your I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan).

Page 1
On page 1 in the first chart I document who will be attending the meeting.  In the second chart I document the number of notices sent home, method of delivery, language sent and who I sent it to. Each time I send out paperwork I document the date it was sent out and the deadline I gave the parents to return the paperwork.  If I don't receive the paperwork by the deadline date, I send out another copy.

Page 2
Page 2 is specifically for FIE (Full Individual Evaluation) / REEDs (Review of Existing Evaluation Data).  This occurs for each student every 3 years. Our district has a certain set of paperwork that is needed to complete the re-evaluation so I listed them in the chart on the 2nd page.  For your district, you can add in the pages and details as well. 

Page 3 & 4 
Pages 3 & 4 or specifically for me.  I use it the day of and during the meeting.  You may delete, modify and add any info that is relevant to you and your district.  Page 4 has __ / __ in front of each point of discussion during the ARD.  My district uses Esped so I list the screen number in the first line (e.g. 34 / __).  Then I list the page number from the draft (printed copy) if applicable. (e.g. __ / 30).  The box in the top right Screens to remember: Is my 'cheat' for the screens I need to access quickly and frequently and because I get nervous during meetings I can't remember. Therefore I write them down. 

Page 5

Page 5 is an overview timeline for each ARD.  I cut out one and attach to the prep paper work (pages 1-4). On the lines I list the dates that each listed item must be completed by.  This is also editable to match your district/state requirements and timelines.

You can download these forms in an editable word document form to fit the needs of your students and district. **Please note-the spacing might be off slightly depending on your version of Microsoft Word or operating system. You should be able to delete or enter lines to fix the spacing issues.**