Monday, August 31, 2015

Successfully Prep student IEPs

Hey teacher friends!! I hope everyone is having a smooth start to the 2015-2016 school year! I am starting my second week and so far the honeymoon has been good! Let's hope it stays as smooth as it is and I can continue to blog and make TpT products!! **fingers & toes crossed**  I will be sharing the forms I use to keep track of paperwork needed for an A.R.D. (Annual, Review, Dismissal).  I'm in Texas so this is equivalent to your I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan).

After my first year teaching, I initially blogged about this process. After having another year under my belt and a better grasp on what the heck I'm doing...I thought I would re-blog and hopefully it will make some more sense!

Page 1
On page 1 in the first chart I document who will be attending the meeting.  In the second chart I document the number of notices sent home, method of delivery, language sent and who I sent it to. Each time I send out paperwork I document the date it was sent out and the deadline I gave the parents to return the paperwork.  If I don't receive the paperwork by the deadline date, I send out another copy.

Page 2
Page 2 is specifically for FIE (Full Individual Evaluation) / REEDs (Review of Existing Evaluation Data).  This occurs for each student every 3 years. Our district has a certain set of paperwork that is needed to complete the re-evaluation so I listed them in the chart on the 2nd page.  For your district, you can add in the pages and details as well. 

Page 3 & 4 
Pages 3 & 4 or specifically for me.  I use it the day of and during the meeting.  You may delete, modify and add any info that is relevant to you and your district.  Page 4 has __ / __ in front of each point of discussion during the ARD.  My district uses Esped so I list the screen number in the first line (e.g. 34 / __).  Then I list the page number from the draft (printed copy) if applicable. (e.g. __ / 30).  The box in the top right Screens to remember: Is my 'cheat' for the screens I need to access quickly and frequently and because I get nervous during meetings I can't remember. Therefore I write them down. 

Page 5

Page 5 is an overview timeline for each ARD.  I cut out one and attach to the prep paper work (pages 1-4). On the lines I list the dates that each listed item must be completed by.  This is also editable to match your district/state requirements and timelines.

You can download these forms in an editable word document form to fit the needs of your students and district. **Please note-the spacing might be off slightly depending on your version of Microsoft Word or operating system. You should be able to delete or enter lines to fix the spacing issues.**

If you have any other questions about how I prep my paperwork, please leave a comment or email me! 

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