Sunday, August 9, 2015

BTS Class List Tip & Blog Hop

Greetings Back to School Blog Hoppers! 

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I am not at work yet, although I am prepping (seems like I am always prepping) to go back on the 17th of August.  I am linking up today in a blog hop of BTS AWESOMENESS with The Owl Teacher. I hope you are finding all of the bloggers useful & informative. There is so much good info out there so we can easily collaborate! I LOVE it!! 

My tip today is to make several different types of  'class lists.' I teach special education and my kids have a hard time remembering their ID numbers for the cafeteria and library. I made various mini class lists for myself and staff. I fill in student info, print, cut, laminate and cut again. I give a copy to my paras to clip on their lanyards and carry with them. Now when they need to know the students' full name or ID #, they have it readily available!  I also use the mini lists to check off paperwork that is being returned (e.g. field trip forms, IEP paperwork, BTS paperwork, etc.). Just paperclip a mini class list onto the stack of 'returned' papers and check off as they are turned in. 

Class Lists
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Hope this helps with your Back to school planning & organization! Check out the other Bloggers below for more BTS Tips!