Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wk 3 Summer Series: Savvy Schedules

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Schedules! I'm might be getting a headache from thinking about it. Scheduling your special education classroom requires a lot of planning, work, manipulating, flexibility and creativity to ensure all students receive their full day of services that are listed in their IEPs. The first thing you want to do before working on your schedules is read over all student ARD paperwork.

The past two years, I started out with sticky notes to outline my class schedule.  (sorry I don't have a photo, but will describe it as best as possible). I color coded each subject and ensured each kid had all their subjects under their name.  Then I went by their gen. ed. electives, lunch and P.E.(I work around those classes that can't be manipulated). You will also want to include any related services your students might be receiving at consistent times (i.e. music therapy Tuesday @ 10).

After I get the sticky notes nicely laid out, I start inputting int into excel.  Again with the color coding, but now I add in the times and extras (toileting, transitioning, etc.), I also include in the staff.

I then locate or create images to use for students' schedules. I use image schedules, object schedules, check schedules and even 'clock' schedules.

This is an example of a schedule for my higher functioning kiddos. (They transition independently).  They draw in the clocks and writ the class & teacher on the line! 

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