Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to school countdown #spedchatsaturday

I'm linking up today with Lattes, Lessons & IEPs for a back to school countdown. If you want to see some amazing posts from fellow special education teachers search #spedchatsaturday on your favorite soc. media for more resources! 

I'm definitely not ready to go back to school!! My summer hasn't even felt like a summer! I've spent the last 2 months slowly moving into a house, as well as spending the end of June / beginning of July planning for my sisters wedding (which was BEAUTIFUL). Needless to say, I'm ready for summer to 'start.' LOL 

Anyways, time marches on...

My 5 to-do's over the next 2 weeks before getting back to my classroom.
 I need to complete my teacher spiral. It contains my data, lessons, attendance, student overview, parent contact and calendars. It is my LIFESAVER. I will do a video on it once it's finished. Obviously I am always needing to print, cut, laminate, cut and assemble. I need to complete my lessons, work on my schedule (pending caseload) and lastly take my paras to lunch. I started this last year and invited my Paras out to lunch.  We went and ate some delicious Texas BBQ, talked about our summers and discussed the new year! 

4 simple ways I stay organized.
  1. I document student seizures and nurse visits for my own piece of mind, and if the parents ask when / how long was my kids seizure...I have it readily available.
  2. I use an ARD/IEP massive  checklist to help track and maintain deadlines, my paperwork and related services paperwork. 
  3. At the begging of the year, I like to get the parents talking. I send out a beginning of the year survey and let them fill in some info I may not know about them or their kiddos.
  4. Once I know parent contact info, I can easily keep in touch and document our communication efforts for my records. 

 I wish summer was longer.         I wish my to-do list was shrinking quicker. Sadly, it's not.       It's to hot in Texas. Seriously. Moving in 104 degree weather STINKS!!

If you have not used a timer to manage your time (or your class time) I highly suggest it!! These dollar tree timers are PERFECT. 

My kids love them. 
I love them!
They are simple to use. 
Batteries last forever (or so it seems). 
They are durable (if they can survive sped, they can survive gened). 

So yea...go grab you some!! $1
Dollar Tree Timers

I promise to try and be more efficient. Last year I spent too much time focusing on work, I forgot to take time for myself, my puppy and fiance. Fingers crossed-my 3rd year of teaching will even itself out. Does it ever really 'even out?' 

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  1. Haha, love your wishes! I completely feel the same on all 3! Living in South Florida really stinks in the middle of summer! I know it gets slightly hotter in Texas, but we have the massive amount of humidity that just soaks you the minute you open the door... :( Can't wait until fall rolls around. :)

  2. Taking your staff out to lunch before school starts is a GREAT idea! I feel like so much time is wasted those first two days back because everyone is chatting and catching up on summer details. Nothing ever gets done!

    Yeah for finally starting summer!

    A View Into My Classroom

  3. I have moved almost every summer since the beginning of college in Texas heat!! I feel ya! I am super excited this year, we are buying a house in the fall, so our last move for a lounge time will be in cooler weather!!

  4. I found your blog through the Lattes, Lesson Plans, and IEPs link up and I love your tip about finding timers at the dollar tree!