Thursday, October 2, 2014

That's What They Said

Hello fellow educators!!

I'm starting a new weekly link-up called "That's What They Said."  My students always say the funniest, most amazing things!  Do you have any students like this?  If so, feel free to link up every Thursday with the following image and your top 4 quotes from your week!

1. Right Click on image or open image here
2. Click "Save Image As"
3.P lace image in power point to add text
4. Save image & add into your blog post. 

Here are my top 4 quotes from the previous week: 

1) Student A: "I don't want to share the Ipad.:
     Student B: "...But you have to because he is a tablet lover!"

2) I asked a student sit down and begin his work (dry erase) and I reminded him that today we are going to write correctly without scribbles. Student A says, "I told you...never trust the one with the marker."

3) When asking one of my students to cut out their work, his response is "Ugh! This is Awful!"

4) After asking a student to put the Ipod up, another student in the class tells him, "You better get  up before she starts counting!"


  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Find out more here:

  2. I love the idea of a kid quote linky! I will be adding that to my list of things to blog about. Is there a particular day you will be adding the link up each week?
    I teach third grade and they are always saying crazy stuff! My favorite happened to be when two students were sad that I wasn't married yet and one said, "Well, don't stop can still happen!" I struggled not to lose it right then and there!


    1. Sorry, just re-read your post and saw it is each Thursday! I am having a winter break moment. :)