Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sensory/Tactile Activities for students with Visual Impairments

A few weeks ago I posted my classroom reveal.

Today I'm going to be starting a mini-series on sensory/tactile related activities, transition markers and more! I have 3 students with visual impairments.  With the help of our district Physical and Occupational Therapists we have tried to create a variety of activities and experiences for the students to participate in.  Today I will be showing you our sensory board and one of my sensory books. Next week I will be sharing our Black Light area (which will be finished this week) and on the 3rd week of the mini-series I will share some amazing online sources I have found to be very helpful in creating all of my activities.

Here is a quick video of the sensory board & sensory book:

Sensory Board Supplies can be found at-

  • Peg Board
  • Zip Ties (zip tie boards together & zip tie objects onto board)
  • Elastic (tie objects onto pegboard)
  • Velcro (Velcro board to table)
Sensory Book Supplies can be found at-