Monday, September 8, 2014

14-15 Classroom Reveal

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 Classroom Reveal
Credits to 3 AM teacher and Lovin' Lit for the graphics

I am proud to present my 2014-2015 classroom!! This is my second year teaching and I feel much more confident and comfortable starting this school year! I had the physical structure setup in about 2 hours.  The hard part was the visuals, schedules and tasks!

I have a classroom of 9 students and 2 paraprofessionals that work extremely hard with the students. We've been back to school for 2 weeks now (going on 3) and I've already moved a few pieces of furniture. I've  made more visuals and switched out some other visuals that weren't working.  I think I've also hit a record for changing the schedule. If I had to guess it's changed about 183,028,405 times!

Today I'm just going to share some photos and the links to where I download some of my resources. I'll be doing a mini series on each part of my room and **hopefully** get a video tour going as well!  
Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 snapshot of our year
Snapshots of our year together from Ashley Pennell on TpT

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 sensory board & music
Sensory board & music time.  Get more ideas for sensory boards! 

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 break time & calm area
Break time sensory bins,
glitter bottle,
Calm down kit visuals from Autism Adventures of Room 83 

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 rules & supplies
Classroom rules using CHAMPS acronym, visual rules for
pencil sharpening (from The Autism Helper) & finished tray for student work

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 fluency/teacher time
Fluency station which recently has also morphed into a good place to have 'teacher time/Direct Instruction/1:1.'
I have a similar setup to Sasha's Fluency station from The Autism Helper. 

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 morning routine
Get these awesome clock visuals from Amy Lemons.  This number line is from Rock Star Readers & I printed 2 pages per page, laminated & taped them up.  I am also going to be spraying them to get rid of the glare! 

Check back later this week, as I begin a mini-series on the different stations in my classroom! Have a wonderful Monday!