Saturday, August 2, 2014

NOOOO It's August!

Who loves link ups!? 

I definitely do! Join up with your August Currently on Oh boy Fourth Grade! 
Link up with Farley on Oh Boy Fourth Grade! 

Listening: I have created a terrible addiction to sitting on the couch and finishing several entire SERIES' over the summer. I have watched Rookie Blue, Big bang theory, Mixology, Orange is the New black, Scrubs, Glades, and now House. (Please don't judge me!)

Loving: As you can tell, I'm enjoying my summer vacation! Then I see a little countdown on my phone with the reminder *11 days left.* Shmh. That's a buzz kill!

Thinking: I'm thinking I need to finish laminating, cutting and Velcro-ing activities & visuals for my class.

Wanting: I miss cool weather.  Lately its been 95+ and who wants to workout in this heat!?

Needing: I created a checklist @ the beginning of the summer and I need to look back over it and see what I have avoided and hopefully what I have accomplished. Then decide what to prioritize and do next.

1st day you & kids: The teachers go back August 18th, the assistants come back August 21st and kids arrive in all their shining glory on August 25th. :)