Friday, July 11, 2014

J is for Jokes

I was planning on posting this a few days ago, but I got caught up shopping at target & making some new things for my classroom! :)

This post is about Jokes.  Who's kiddos absolutely love jokes?

If your students are anything like mine...they LOVE jokes.  Our district uses News-2-you as our curriculum and there is a weekly joke that my kids love to tell over, and over and over again.  Then they try to make up their own...which usually aren't funny to me, but they are laughing! (Laughing & smiles are good, right?)

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In case you are in need of some laughs & smiles in your class, I thought I would share a couple of links to some jokes you can use in your classroom.  I'm planning on incorporating some jokes into my morning routine and social skill time.  This is a perfect time to promote communication and social skills as well as explain figurative language and idioms that my students might not understand otherwise.

Miss, Hey Miss ABC summer series
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