Monday, July 7, 2014

14-15 Back to School Goals

I'm linking up with I {heart} Recess to share my Back to School goals for the 2014-2015 school year.  If you have some goals you want to share with the blogging world...head on over to I {heart} recess and link up! 

Make your own Back to School goals by downloading the image on I {heart} recess! 

  • Personal: I have tried extremely hard this summer to get into a habit of working out.  I still struggle with 'not wanting' to go work out. I have noticed I feel better, have more energy and I'm in a better mood.  I know I 'need' to workout, but making it into a routine is something I will continue to work on this summer.  I also want to cook at home more during the school year.  I tend to get lazy & go eat out...which leads to an increased salt intake, more bread and delicious sugary drinks! These things I have been trying to reduce and avoide since I started 3 weeks no cheats. I think if I can cook at home, I can control the types of food I eat. In order for all of this to be accomplished, I need to leave school between 4 and 4:15.  I can workout for an hour (4:30-5:30), and make it home to make dinner by 5:45ish.

  • Organization: I struggled last year as a first year teacher to collect, analyze and use data in a productive way.  My goal for this year is to find a better system that is effective for me and my assistants.  I also am deciding to get rid of my teacher desk.  I hardly ever used it and it became a dumping ground for EVERYTHING!  Read about my teacher desk and my reasoning behind getting rid of it. 

  • Professional: I plan to be more professional with staff and parents this year when dealing with stressful situations. I also want to keep track of my paperwork and documents better than last year, which goes in had with my Organization goal above.

  • Students: Last year, it seemed like it took over a semester to REALLY get to know my students.  This year I want to know my students behaviors, communication modalities, sensory needs likes/dislikes/needs, etc. before the first progress report is sent out.  In order to do this, I have already collaborated with the 5th grade teachers to learn about my incoming 6th graders.  This helps put me on the right track for my 4 new kiddos.  Once school starts, I will collaborate with the parents and use my beginning of the year survey  to help me learn any other useful info about my new students. 
Download your own survey! 
  • Motto: During student teaching, our first assignment was to create a 'coat of arms.'  the coat of arms was to represent ourselves as a teacher.  We needed to include 2 hobbies, an animal that represented you, and your motto. In my coat of arms I included a camera(I like photography), a girl coloring (I like crafting) and seal (representing my personality).  At the bottom I put a banner with mixed up rubik cube on the left and solved rubik cube on the right. (I love Rubk's cubes and I have a large collection of them). In the middle of the banner I included: Patience, Persistence and Passion. I believe these 3 traits make up every special education teacher.  You need patience with every child, persistence to try and try again and passion that every student will succeed. 

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