Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer To do list

Hello! I'm wide awake, so I thought I would post a quick blog post. :) I'm linking up with Lessons with coffee to share my summer to do list!

I will do my best to include non work(school) related to-do's, but who am I kidding...I cannot stop thinking about next year!!!

Personal To-Do:

  • Workout Daily - So far it's been about every 5 days then I need a break. I will get their eventually. I have added the goal of running 250miles before the end of the summer (that's a LOT of miles considering I don't like running). I've completed 3.7mi this week! I use to track my running and any other additional workouts. You should check it out because it's free, it has workout routines, and functions using GPS! :) 
  • Create something every week!! I am addicted to all things crafty! I want to take a picture, sew, crochet, practice calligraphy, crochet something, or make a card once a week for the summer. 
  • Get some sun. Everyone needs some Vitamin D in their life and between camping, the river, pool & six flags-I hoping to lighten this dirty blonde and MAYBE get a tan. 

School To-Do:
  • Purchase this amazing groovy-green pencil sharpener!  I have read so many reviews by other teacher bloggers about the great value of these sharpeners, I will be getting one this year! 
  • Create 2 items for my classroom each week. I am planning to spread out my school to-do over the summer instead of wait until the last minute and be stressed. A few things I have on my school to-do include: 
    • Create an easier way to communicate between home & school
    • Make portfolio binders that include: goals, data sheets, work samples, assessments. I want these to be available & updated frequently to take to the ARD meetings.
    • Decide if I want to tweak my classroom management plan or scrap it & make a new one
    • Plan my morning routine (with visuals) 
    • Set up visuals for transitions & class routines from The Autism Helper
      Read about Sasha's visuals and Download them on TpT
    • Make a ring of websites for students to use when on computers 
      Get a free download
    • Make a ring of student logins
      Read all about Elementary Organization's Login Cards
    • Create more file folders
    • Check sub-tub & update 
    • Define area to display student work
    • Designate a place to turn in student work
    • Lesson Plans
    • Create schedules (picture, check list, mini) for students
    • Make staff schedules
    • Make a better system for collecting data & get assistants involved! 
    • Tweak lining up procedures
    • Make a fluency & writing station (inspired by The Autism Helper) 
       Download Sasha's Fluency Mega Pack
      Download Sasha's Fluency Mega Pack
Download Sasha's Writing Center