Friday, June 27, 2014

Getting Fit Friday

Getting fit Friday with Bunting, books & bright ideas

I'm joining up with Bunting, Books & Bright Ideas for a Getting Fit Friday Linky!

I am almost done with week 1 of 3 weeks no cheats with For Blogness Sake. I set up a few guidelines that have proven to be very difficult to follow! (I'm hoping week 2 will be easier.)  I decided to cut out bread, sugary drinks and sweets.
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I honestly thought I would have the most difficulty with the sweets, but not being at school with a class full of kids has made this easier.  I'm having difficulty with the bread and sugary drinks.  I don't even drink that many sugary drinks-but when I want a Gatorade or a tea....I can't help but get the ones that are REALLY sweet. Here's what I did to help with my drink urges:

So far this lemon-lime water has done well.  It's very satisfying & refreshing-especially after a workout when I am craving a Gatorade!

I've also started using the 30 day fitness app.  Other than the fact I die a little every time I complete a daily workout, I have more energy and I feel more toned and I'm only 4 days in! The app is $2.99, but if you keep up with the workouts, it is worth the money, especially for the variety of workouts it provides.

Don't forget to share your Getting Fit Friday with Bunting, Books & Bright Ideas! Have a great weekend.

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