Friday, January 3, 2014

How I survived my first semester teaching pt1

I've collected some a lot of things since August 26, 2013. I've been given pieces of advice, and paperwork.  I've learned from my own trial and error.  Sometimes things can be extremely useful and other times I've had to take suggestions with a grain of salt.

I've decided to share some of my experiences and advice in hopes it can help other wonderful teachers, paras and educators! Let's get started.

  1. Keep your desk clean.
    • It helps with your sanity to have things organized and in its own place. I've also learned if you have less stuff on your desk, you have less to clean up when a student has a meltdown and decides to make poor decisions with the teachers stuff.
  2. The principal can be a great resource!
    • I absolutely love how easy it is to talk to my principal and he is always willing to try his best to work things out and give you the support that is needed. I feel he has most of these qualities
  3. Get a massage regularly. 
    • I purchased my first massage package in October! It made the biggest difference in my attitude and made my aches go away! Its totally worth the money. 
  4. Do a little work at a time. Don't wait until the last minute and try to cram everything in before a deadline. 
  5. Plan things ahead of time. 
    • Seriously, if you think you're planning early...plan a week earlier just in case I haven't mastered this one either. 
  6. Try to put yourself in other people's shoes. 
    • Don't jump to conclusions immediately and try to see from each others perspective. It tends to make a big difference in the outcome. 
  7. Wear comfortable shoes. You never know when you will need to run. 
  8. Always wear a watch. 
    • Being a special education teacher I've stopped caring if my watch matched my outfit. I learned I needed it for a number of reasons ranging from timing a seizure to using it as a timer during a break. 
  9. Keep laughing.
    • If you aren't laughing about something by the end of the day, you will have an extremely long year. 
  10. Be thankful and pray. 
    • Be thankful to have a job where children look up to you and love you (even on their bad days). I always pray to inspire and teach my students. I ask to have respect, patience, and flexibility with the staff and parents. Lastly I pray that my mind and body will stay focused, my passion stays strong and my professionalism keeps developing. 
I have a few helpful documents to share with y'all on this post "teacher survival tips pt2".  Also, check out some other helpful resources on my TpT site!