Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slim down Saturdays 1/25/14

Another week down! I barely survived this week. The kiddos were tough and I was in severe pain due to an impacted wisdom tooth, good thing I'm getting it pulled this Friday!

I decided last week to start using measurements as a way to track my progress. I have to say it's more rewarding than those silly scales! I lost 3.5" between my arms, hips and waist. The scale still says 0lbs lost... But hey, I'm happy with 3.5"! Go me! With that, my word for this week is positive. I need to stay positive and focus on the small victories.

I also need to drink more water! My days can become extremely busy and I forget to keep hydrated. Over the summer I drink 4-5 water bottles a day... Lately I'm lucky to get one bottle it. That's no Bueno! Hopefully I can get up to 2 bottles/day by the end of the week!

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