Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Resolutions

I decided to be brave and post my new years resolutions.  When I set these, I immediately went into 'special ed' mode and started writing objectives for each one to make it easier to accomplish my main goal. 

Personal: Work out and loose 50 pounds by 2015.
    • Eat healthy and work out 6 days a week to loose 25 by June & set a wedding date. 
    • Eat healthy and work out 6 days a week to loose another 25 by December.
    • So far I've been using myfitnesspal, and sworkit to help me achieve this first resolution and following new blogging inspirations such as 'finding victory in loss'

Professional: Create better lessons plans & don't live at work.
    • I want to make lesson plans that are more engaging and that better suit my students individual needs. By the end of the 3rd 9 weeks I want to have at least 2 engaging lessons/week.
    • I need to try to leave work earlier than 6 pm.  My goal is to arrive 20 minutes earlier to plan and prep what needs to be done and leave on time (about 4:30) so I can fit in my workout schedule. I would like to have this routine down before spring break! (that gives me 7weeks)

Classroom: Work on transitions. 
    • This is something I've always needed to work on.  I will probably continue to work on it throughout my career.  I would like to see smoother transitions by the end of this school year and plan for successful transitions in August for the 14-15 school year. 

Blog/TpT: Blog more & create professional documents
    • I miss blogging. It's a great way to express my thoughts, actions and ideas! I also enjoy stalking following other bloggers! They area all an inspiration from teachers, cooks, diy-ers, workout blogs, etc. I would like to be posting at least 1 post a week until spring break, then bumping it up to 2 posts from March-June.  During the summer I hope to resume my 3+ posts a week. 
      • You can help hold me accountable to this resolution by following my bloglovin! I get motivated with the more people who follow me. :) 
    • I also want to make my TpT documents look more professional.  I hope to help other educators with my documents, but if they aren't functional and usable by others, there is not point in putting them online. I tend to only post what I use, hopefully for this year, I can make them a little more user friendly with better directions on how to use my files.

Just for fun: Hang out & talk with family more
    • Since I have started teaching, interactions with my family and friends have decreased.  I would like to connect back with everyone I love.  Instead of only contacting them weekly or seeing some people monthly, I would like to grab a bite to eat, Skype, and just hang out and catch up. We don't realize how awesome our relationships are with others until you become too busy to uphold those relationship bonds. 
What are your goals/resolutions for 2014? You can grab the resolutions picture from A Peach for the Teach, then share your blog post on her linky party!! 

Just remember, whatever your goals/resolutions are try not to become worn down by them. They are supposed to help you become a better you! Just do your best and "keep it happy".
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