Friday, January 3, 2014

January currently

Its 1:30am and I am wide awake. I think it's because I've been a good girl with my new years resolutions' and I have successfully worked out every day this year! ;) 

As I am laying in bed I figured I could be productive.  I was going to upload this post with my tablet but the battery is dead therefore I am on my phone. I've never posted from my phone before. I pray the post is readable.

Anyways I'm linking up with Oh boy It's 4th grade and sharing my January currently.

Currently I am listening to the red dirt road playlist on Pandora. I am worrying about my never ending to do list but loving the cold weather and my vacation time. I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled because they are giving me an aweful headache right now. Every since my engagement I've been drooling over pinterest wedding stuff. Lastly a tradition I started with my fiance 3 years ago was going to IHOP around midnight on Christmas eve.

That's my January currently. It's not too exciting, but I would love to read about your currently.  Link up with us over at Oh boy it's 4th grade!


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Planning a wedding can be so much fun, just don't let it take over your life. I love that you go to Ihop on Christmas Eve. There is nothing better than pancakes!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Julie!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I am also listening to Pandora Radio. I love cold weather. I live in Florida and we don't get much of it here. Today our high is going to be 59, but tomorrow its back up to 75. Crazy right. Have fun planning your upcoming wedding. I have been married to the love of my life for the past 22 years.

    1. Florida weather sounds a lot like Texas weather. It can never make up it's mind! Today was sunny and beautiful, with a high of 70. Tomorrow the high will be 46! :o Thanks for stopping by Dana!

  3. What a cute tradition with your fiancé. Have fun planning your wedding!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten