Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Currently

I'm finally blogging! I've been so busy these past two months, this has been the furthest thing on my mind! I'm linking up today with Oh' Boy 4th Grade to share my December currently!

  • Listening to Carlys Voice on my Audible App.  If you haven't read or listened to this book, it is a must (especially if you are in special education). 
  • I am loving there are only 10 workdays until a 2 week 'vacation.'
  • I have made my Christmas list and now I need to make my gifts. I would much rather do that than complete this to-do list. 
  • I want a longer weekend.  Have you seen that e-card: 'There really needs to be a day between Saturday and Sunday." 
  • I need to workout, prep my lunches for the week and lay out my clothes.  I also want to decorate for Christmas...but I can't seem to find the time. 
  • I'm giving an inspirational quote, because we all need them at some point:

                             Have a wonderful week, and don't forget to linkup w/ Oh' Boy 4th grade! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

That's What They Said

Hello fellow educators!!

I'm starting a new weekly link-up called "That's What They Said."  My students always say the funniest, most amazing things!  Do you have any students like this?  If so, feel free to link up every Thursday with the following image and your top 4 quotes from your week!

1. Right Click on image or open image here
2. Click "Save Image As"
3.P lace image in power point to add text
4. Save image & add into your blog post. 

Here are my top 4 quotes from the previous week: 

1) Student A: "I don't want to share the Ipad.:
     Student B: "...But you have to because he is a tablet lover!"

2) I asked a student sit down and begin his work (dry erase) and I reminded him that today we are going to write correctly without scribbles. Student A says, "I told you...never trust the one with the marker."

3) When asking one of my students to cut out their work, his response is "Ugh! This is Awful!"

4) After asking a student to put the Ipod up, another student in the class tells him, "You better get  up before she starts counting!"

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sensory/Tactile Activities for students with Visual Impairments

A few weeks ago I posted my classroom reveal.

Today I'm going to be starting a mini-series on sensory/tactile related activities, transition markers and more! I have 3 students with visual impairments.  With the help of our district Physical and Occupational Therapists we have tried to create a variety of activities and experiences for the students to participate in.  Today I will be showing you our sensory board and one of my sensory books. Next week I will be sharing our Black Light area (which will be finished this week) and on the 3rd week of the mini-series I will share some amazing online sources I have found to be very helpful in creating all of my activities.

Here is a quick video of the sensory board & sensory book:

Sensory Board Supplies can be found at-

  • Peg Board
  • Zip Ties (zip tie boards together & zip tie objects onto board)
  • Elastic (tie objects onto pegboard)
  • Velcro (Velcro board to table)
Sensory Book Supplies can be found at-

Monday, September 8, 2014

14-15 Classroom Reveal

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 Classroom Reveal
Credits to 3 AM teacher and Lovin' Lit for the graphics

I am proud to present my 2014-2015 classroom!! This is my second year teaching and I feel much more confident and comfortable starting this school year! I had the physical structure setup in about 2 hours.  The hard part was the visuals, schedules and tasks!

I have a classroom of 9 students and 2 paraprofessionals that work extremely hard with the students. We've been back to school for 2 weeks now (going on 3) and I've already moved a few pieces of furniture. I've  made more visuals and switched out some other visuals that weren't working.  I think I've also hit a record for changing the schedule. If I had to guess it's changed about 183,028,405 times!

Today I'm just going to share some photos and the links to where I download some of my resources. I'll be doing a mini series on each part of my room and **hopefully** get a video tour going as well!  
Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 snapshot of our year
Snapshots of our year together from Ashley Pennell on TpT

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 sensory board & music
Sensory board & music time.  Get more ideas for sensory boards! 

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 break time & calm area
Break time sensory bins,
glitter bottle,
Calm down kit visuals from Autism Adventures of Room 83 

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 rules & supplies
Classroom rules using CHAMPS acronym, visual rules for
pencil sharpening (from The Autism Helper) & finished tray for student work

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 fluency/teacher time
Fluency station which recently has also morphed into a good place to have 'teacher time/Direct Instruction/1:1.'
I have a similar setup to Sasha's Fluency station from The Autism Helper. 

Miss, Hey Miss 14-15 morning routine
Get these awesome clock visuals from Amy Lemons.  This number line is from Rock Star Readers & I printed 2 pages per page, laminated & taped them up.  I am also going to be spraying them to get rid of the glare! 

Check back later this week, as I begin a mini-series on the different stations in my classroom! Have a wonderful Monday! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September Currently

It has been way to long since I've touched base with the blogging world!! I logged into bloglovin' today and had over 1,000 unread blog posts to read. I'm still reading through them and leaving some love on posts from the past few weeks.

Today I'm linking up with Farley from Oh Boy, 4th Grade to share my September currently. Grab your currently too by clicking on her button at the bottom of this post!

  • Listening: Over the summer, I fell in love with Google play, so I have been creating and listening to playlists non stop since I subscribed to it! 
  • Loving: I drooled over the fitbit for a while, then after researching for hours on end, I stumbled across the pebble smart watch. I LOVE IT!!!  Obviously I got the green "fresh" version! 
  • Thinking: I'm finishing up some last minute tweaks to the lesson plans for this week. I can't believe this will be week 3 for us! We also have open house this week.  It's gonna be a long week, but hopefully it will be a good turnout for open house. 
  • Wanting: I really want a milkshake, but that would negate all the calories I burned tonight running. :/ 
  • Needing: I should be getting ready for bed. I napped a little to much today! 
  • 3 Trips: I really want to go to Ireland, this will most definitely be my honeymoon!  I would love love love to go to Alaska. I want to take the Alaskan cruise and ride a train to view Alaska.  It's sooo beautiful! I also want to take a trip up the Mississippi river and stop and a variety of states and cities along the way! 

 Grab your September Currently!
Grab your September currently here! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School Blogger Exchange 2014

Sign up here or scroll down and sign up below!

Last year I participated in a back to school blogger exchange with Covered in Glitter & Glue  and Adventures of Ms. Smith . I had so much fun and was curious if they were hosting it again and unfortunately they weren't.  So I decided to host it this year so others can experience some love and support from other teachers! 

"It's going to be a secret pal kind of thing! Bloggers will be paired up to spread the love and welcome a fellow teacher back into the classroom with a little package of happy. Sticky notes, pens, some candy for their teacher stash, etc. If you're interested in participating, here are the details!"

  • Sign up deadline is next Friday August 15, 2014.  You can sign up here or scroll down to the form below. 
  • You will get an email with your secret pal's info on Sunday August 17, 2014.  
  • Use the info emailed to you and the next 3 weeks to follow your secret pal and research their likes, dislikes, wants/needs, classroom theme, etc. 
  • Your package can include anything you want as long as it stays under $15.00. 
  • Ship your package by Monday September 8th, 2014
  • Wait for your package to arrive. 
  • Once your package arrives, take photos upload them to instagram, twitter & FB using the hashtag #BTSBE14. 
  • Create a blog post explaining what you received & thanking your exchange partner, then share your link on the #BTSBE14 linky (coming in September)! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

M is for Money & Token System w/ FREEBIE

Most of my kiddos need continuous practice with money.  I think the best way for them to get continuous practice is to make it part of their daily routine.  Last spring I began rewarding my students with coins as they completed work and if they had good behavior.  The only problem... I didn't have any criteria or a rubric to grade them on. I was basically giving out (per kiddo) 10 cents a day for a good day and if they finished all their work, 5 cents if it was alright and tried to work, and 1 to zero cents if it was really bad and they refused to work. The students would use their money to purchase something out of the treasure box (which I would love to show a photo of...but I can't find one & the box is at school!).  The students need help counting money and figuring out which items to purchase which could end up taking 20 minutes for all students to choose an item from the treasure box.  Some figured out how to 'save'  and get what they wanted and others would just get angry if they didn't have enough money but they didn't want to save.

Now that I've had the summer to review this system, I've come up with a better token system for my students and hopefully teach them how to use money and increase good behaviors at the same time! With these new additions, my behavior system will work more efficiently than last semester. (fingers crossed)
First, I will be implementing a self-check participation system.  Students will have a goal (# of times to participate) for each station. They can answer a question, point to a picture, use a communication device, etc.  The staff will give a check for each time they participate.  If their goal is to get 5 checks, we document once they have achieved this goal. Over the year we can increase participation checks to have students more involved. 

Photo from bethechange on

I'm also adding a class wide 'bank' similar to the autism helpers' system.  Students can donate to the class wide bank in order to obtain a class party/game/activity and the class as a whole can earn coins from the staff for additional good behavior. 

At the end of the day my students will be required to have their take home folder stamped by a staff member.  This reflects their overall day.  After their folder is stamped, they get paid! A stamp on Excellent=5cents, a stamp on Good= 3cents, a stamp on bad=1cent.

The students save their money until Friday when they can go shopping. Students can use their money 3 different ways: 1) They can choose to purchase something from the treasure chest, 2) donate to the class or save until next Friday. 

In the treasure box, items will be broken up into prices (hopefully I can adjust prices to give students a chance to differentiate counting coins).  Items will be priced as 5 cents, 15 cents, 25 cents and 1dollar. I've created the following coin visuals for my students to lay out their money and figure out which colored container they can pick an item from. 

July 2014 #SLANTbox

I get to share my first SLANTbox!! I've been wanting to participate since last summer, but kept forgetting to sign up, so I set a reminder on my calendar so remember to sign up! You can see all SLANTboxes for the June/July on Lessons with Coffe!

This month I was paired up with 2 amazing women in education! I received this awesome package from Stephanie at Technology Timeout and I sent a super cute package to Marla at I Live. I Love. I Teach!  If you have some time go check out their blogs! :) Anyways, let's get to the reveal: 
Super cute box

Box when opened! 
Thanks Stephanie for an AMAZING sunshine-y gift :) My kiddos are going to love some of these fidgets & pointers!

Find out more about #SLANTbox