Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Currently 2013

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  • Listening to Y100! One of the 2 country stations in San Antonio, Texas! 
  • Loving summer time and being able to relax.  I am also enjoying going to the river and really loving all the ideas I'm finding and making for my 2013-2014 classroom. 
  • Thinking about our Vacation Bible school next week. It's going to be  a blast, but it will be extremely hot! :p
  • Wanting to know more about my first class ever! Hopefully I can get some more info about my job and the students i will be teaching now that I've finished all of my TEXES exams! 
  • Needing to do dishes & laundry! ...but seriously, who wants to do that!? 
  • Tips, Tricks/Hints: 'Just keep smilin'!" This is something I always try to tell myself, even when I don't feel like smiling.  Sometimes a smile will make you feel better! 
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Friday, June 28, 2013

FYP Week4: Take home folder: 'Boomerang folder'

week 4 photo

We are well under way for my First Year Prep Blog Series.  I want to thank everyone for reading, and I hope you can find some of my information useful! I have been researching, creating and compiling ideas and resources like a maniac! This is mainly due to Pinterest, but it's such a useful resource-I can't stay off of it.

So far we have covered class setup, and how to plan your procedures, transitions, and routines with a wonderful handbook, and how to use a power point for the PTRs. Today I want to toss out an idea I had for take home folders.  I want to call them 'boomerang' folders (they leave the school and come back). I'm not 100% sure about the name, I don't want to confuse the kids, but I was trying to think of a 'junior high' word for take home folder. We shall see. In my students' boomerang folders, I will be placing:

  • Left pocket labeled: Return & Right pocket labeled: Keep
  • A weekly classroom newsletter
  • weekly student work that the students can take home 
  • class & school rules
  • Class schedule 
  • monthly calendar & on the back the school menu calendar
  • weekly goal documentation for the parents to sign & return (shows behavior from that day)

Pin Addict
Photo from
Here are a few ideas off Pinterest for take home folders: 

Once I learn more about my class size and students, I will begin compiling these folders.  I want to complete a weekly newsletter and send it home/email and post it to the classroom webpage. The parents will have a preference of how they want to receive the newsletter. You can download my newsletter template here by clicking on the image below:

I think one of the most important and main pieces of documentation that is in this folder is the weekly goal documentation.  During my undergraduate courses, I observed a teacher in a BMC (behavior management classroom) and I drooled over her management system.  Although confusing at first, it lends itself to what I call "the most intricate & well planned behavior system ever!" I will try to explain everything and share some pictures of what she did and how I will be (attempting) to use it in my classroom! You can read all about my classroom behavior management system next week on July 5th! You can also download a freebie to help start your own system! Until then, subscribe and follow me on Facebook so you won't miss my post for next week!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Where Are We Door Sign

When I first began my blog, I was doing 'themed posts' such as "Make it Monday," Tips on Tuesday," etc. I want to slowly get back into my themed posts.  What better way to start than with this one!? This is supposed to be Make it Monday, and I know it's Tuesday-but I had to share. I'm very proud of myself for what I made (and it was made on a Monday!...that counts right!?)

Without further adieu, I made one of the first physical parts to my classroom! It's a door sign showing 'where we are.'  I will be teaching Junior High Special Education and I didn't want to make the sign to 'kiddish.' I kept the frilly kid stuff off and tried to keep it simple. I am currently out of ink in my printer which means I improvised! Here's what I did:

Friday, June 21, 2013

FYP Week3: Transitions, Routines & Procedures {Part 2}

Happy Friday Ya'll! Last week I talked about how to plan and prepare you Procedures, Transitions, and Routines.  To help you get started, I have made the PTR handbook! It's a handbook that will help you plan, organize, and execute your classroom Procedures, Transitions, and Routines.  You can purchase it from my TpT store! 

Today I'm going to share my ideas on my transitions and routines.  Have you ever planned something for your classroom, then it ends up being a complete disaster? **Me, Me, I have!** I have planned out this wonderful idea to have my PTRs in the same place!  I still do not know the nature of my special education classroom (student goals, levels, behaviors, class size, etc.) so I will be calling this my Plan A until I can properly prepare for next years' class and group of students (By then, all of this might change because that's nature of teaching!). Anyways, enough rambling...

Friday, June 14, 2013

FYP Week2: Transitions, Routines & Procedures {Part 1}


     Hey friends! Did everyone have a fantastic week? I spent my week with my head in my Generalist EC-6 study guide, but if I can pass on the first will be worth all this trouble! :D I have 1 week left to study hard!

     Alrighty, let's get down to business. Last week was my first post to my First Year Prep summer blog series.  We covered Classroom organization & themes, if those links were useful-don't forget to leave a comment! This week & next week we are talking about  Procedures, Transitions & Routines!

     Now, being a first year teacher, I know I am not one to brag about my  Procedures, Transitions & Routines   As a fact, I know I stink at them.  I worked in a daycare for 3.5 years and this is one thing I REALLY struggled with, even throughout student teaching I struggled. This is why I have spent the latter part of May doing a ton of research and planing. {We are supposed to start the year of strong, right!?}  This is how I plan on starting the year off:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Currently 2013

It's June...I'm only ten days late on my first CURRENTLY. :o

You can forgive me right?

photo of Currently in June: listening, loving, thinking, wanting, needing, 3 vacay essentials
June Currently is from Oh Boy 3rd Grade!

Listening to Pandora. I love this website. I can listen to it all day if I'm not around a radio...then it's the radio that takes priority. 

Loving playing with my dog instead of studying for my TExES generalist EC-6.  Yep. My dog was cuddled next to me and I thought I would take a break and wake her up!  Plus I have 2 weeks before my test..that's enough time! Right? :o

Thinking about my new (& first) classroom for the 2013-2014 school year. Who will my students be? How many will I have? What will I have in my classroom to use? How big is my classroom? What is the schedule going to look like? There are a lot more questions, but I won't bore you too much! 

Wanting to finish my last certification exam so I can be highly qualified!  

Needing lots of ideas to plan and prepare for my first year of teaching! 

3 Vaycay essentials: 
1) sunscreen b/c I burn within 15 minutes 
2) camera b/c I love taking pictures! 
3) water bottle b/c it's easier to carry than a Gatorade bottle. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

FYP Week1: Classroom Organization & Themes


     Hello everyone!  I think by now everyone is finished with the 2012-2013 school year! :D Give yourself a big pat on the back, I did! I survived student teaching and landed an interview 3 days after graduation.  The original position I applied for was filled internally, but due to an unexpected opening I was offered another position as soon as it popped up!

     I posted about a new summer blog series I am going to start up.  If you want to see all the details you can see the post: First Year Prep: Blog Series Intro.  Today is the first post int he series & I'm going to share all of the amazing resources, inspirations, and tips I have found searching Google & Pinterest to help me put together my classroom.

Articles on Classroom Organizatoion & Arrangement

Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Year Prep Blog Series Intro

Ok, since I got a job offer-I have been scouring every corner of the world wide web trying to find ideas, resources, and information on how to set up my classroom and get everything done and ready for the next school year.  This won't be like any other school year, because it's my first year teaching! EEEK!

I have also taken it upon my self to try and compile a 'new teacher checklist.'  A few days after the excitement of a new job wore off, I realized there is a lot more that goes into the beginning of a school year than just decorating a class and planning the lessons. -panic mode-

can you help me, Mrs. Martin? This wasn't covered in any of my education courses.

With all of that being said, I am going to do a blog post series over the summer. I will take you step by step into my planning process for next year, my thoughts along the way, and hopefully I can share a ton of information for other newbies & maybe inspire the veteran teachers!  {HOW EXCITING!}

The series will be called: First Year Prep.  

 I have compiled a rough outline below of what you can expect between now & August 26th (Yes, that's the first day of my teaching career). That leaves me 12 weeks.... :o

Sat 6/7: Classroom setup w/ planning FREEBIE
Fri 6/14: Procedures, Transitions & Routines w/ a planning booklet
Fri 6/21: Procedures, Transitions & Routines in the classroom w/ Transition PPT
Fri 6/28: Idea for a take home foler: 'Boomerang folder'

Fri 7/5: Classroom Behavior management plan w/ FREEBIE
Wed 7/10: Teacher Binder Files w/ FREEBIE!
Sat 7/13: Stuff for the parents -beginning of the year communication survey, newsletter, etc. w/ FREEBIE
Fri 7/ 19: Getting to know the kids w/ student 'levels & ability' forms & RTI FREEBIE
Fri 7/26: TEKS checklist

Fri 8/2: Substitute Binder & student portfolio system
Fri 8/16: New Teacher Training
Fri 8/23: In service & Pictures of my classroom
Fri 8/30: First week down!

Thanks for stopping by!