Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year!

Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year! 

     By the 2nd day of this vacation, I was getting pretty jittery just sitting around watching TV.  So I had to come up with a list a pile of things to do for the next week and a half! Since this pile has been created I have been a busy bee. My days are feeling very jumbled together!  The only reason I know it's Thursday is because I looked at the calendar! I do know it's the day after Christmas and tomorrow I will finally get to visit my parents & sister to spend Christmas with them. The past few days have been busy here in SA with friends and my Bf's family.

     So anyways, since I love photos here are a few pics of the past week:

Surprise chocolates from my boyfriend, Rob! 

I recently got addicted to cutting vinyl with my silhouette cameo! These are my 2 newest car stickers. :D

My sweet little Olive got her hair cut! (Please tell me how she balances on the edge of the couch!) I'm afraid she might fall off

I went shopping & wrapped all the Christmas presents for my family!

I also went to visit an ortho surgeon to talk about getting my wisdom teeth removed. I have one tooth turned completely sideways...and it's painful!  

Super cute ear warmers I made! 

I got to cuddle with a lot of cute puppies!! 

Even more puppies! 

     If you needed something to do over your holiday break, check back often because I will be adding some long overdo TpT / TN files that have saved my life this 1st semester! I will also be sharing some super awesome insights I learned during my first 18 weeks of teaching!