Saturday, August 3, 2013

Currently...Saturday Snapshots

I love linky blog posts...don't you? They are enjoyable and informative! :) Today I'm sharing my August currently from Oh' Boy 4th grade and also sharing some snapshots from this week with Run! Miss Nelson's got the camera! 

This week I made a new desktop background! 

I also updated my blog! :)  Check out the before & after!

 I was also crazy busy moving around my craft room, organizing all my notes, books, and papers from college and the daycare I used to work at.

I also created these super cute Pinterest board covers! Find out how you can download your own!

 Lastly, today I will be photographing a wedding! I'm super excited, this will be my 4th wedding. I also booked my 5th wedding for October! :D I love being a photographer.

Now for my August Currently:

Listening to my dog, Olive & my parents' dog, Haunse play and wrestle on the couch! 
I'm loving summer-it's so relaxing! 
I'm thinking about the wedding I will be photographing this evening. this will be my 4th wedding! 
I'm wanting a few more days before I have to begin working on stuff at school. 
I am in NEED of a hair cut. It's too hot to have hair grow below your shoulders. 
3 things for b2s: Sticky notes, calendar / planner & white out!