Monday, July 22, 2013

Vinyl Love for Make it Monday

Vinyl love for Make it monday

This week I made something very simple to add a little decor to my teacher planner! I also found that I am in love with Vinyl!! I used my Silhouette Cameo (obviously) to create a few car stickers for my boyfriend, but never even thought about using it for my classroom! When I realized this, my brain started going crazy with ideas!! Who knows what I will think of next! 

Check out my pictures below!

Teacher planner vinyl cover

Teacher planner vinyl cover
I cut out and placed a green glittery Card stock so you can see the lettering better. 

Teacher binder vinyl cover
I also decorated my teacher binder with Vinyl! 
Then I made...
A while back I bought a second planner, but smaller version of the one seen above. I was going to use it to put in my purse and have a quick reference, but I knew I couldn't keep up with 2 planners! Sadly, there isn't a point to have 2.Then I stumbled across a post by Debbie from Rainbows Within Reach. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of her Pinterest tutorial, you will find out how to use Pinning analytics and how to pin systematically! 

With Debbie's Pinterest inspiration, I attempted to use her system, but I got lost and confused in my page and I wasn't getting anywhere. Then I remembered I had an extra planner that would be perfect for this! I adapted her system to make my own systematic pinning system! 

blog planner & pin schedule vinyl cover
I made the cover super cute with Vinyl! 

blog scheduler by Miss, Hey Miss!
On the monthly overview, I list all of my blog posts by title. 

Pin planner by Miss, Hey Miss!
I also designate days (Sunday & Wednesday) to reply to comments and emails as well as check posts from the preview few days and make sure all of my internal links are updated. 

Pin planner by Miss, Hey Miss!
This is the weekly view.  This is where the Pin planning begins! 

Pin planner by Miss, Hey Miss!
I list the blog title and the Pinterest boards I want to pin them to. Once I pin the post, I put a date next to it and scratch it off my list.  I also list TpT & TN pins as well.  

Pin planner by Miss, Hey Miss!
My boards are numbered and taped to the front of my planner for easy reference. 

Pin planner by Miss, Hey Miss!
I placed this reminder at the bottom of my pin board list: 1 pin of mine=3 pins of theirs.
This is t remind me not to clog up the pin feed with my pins! Anytime I pin one of my resources, I try to pin 3-6 of other pins. (Honestly that's not hard! I get going and can't stop!)

I promise, pinning systematically works! I have had much more traffic to my TpT, & TN stores as well as an increase in interaction on my blog! (In other's worth the extra time!) I would love to know if a pinning plan works for you! Comment back with your results!