Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

Hello weekend! :) Come join Mrs. Nelsons' Got the Camera  with her weekly Saturday Snapshots!

I started my week of shopping at one of my FAVORITE stores! :) I had my graduation party last month and got some gift cards & I finally had the opportunity to go shopping! 

This week I also visited with HR, signed a few papers & received more info on New Employee training! :) 2 weeks and I can attend that! I'm excited. 

I love doing photography on the side, I got my 2nd flash in this week & made my own set of gels! I can't wait to use them this week when I go back to Leakey! 

3 yr anniversary/Date night! :) This is the outfit I bought from JcPenny! :)  (excuse the terrible bathroom pic)

On the way to Alamo draft house!

I am back in my home town of Leakey, Tx.  When my sister & I get together, we almost always bake.  This time we made Red Velvet cupcakes.  Mainly because we wanted creme cheese frosting, but also because it was 4th of July! They turned out delicious! (Trying to make the icing pretty was a different story!) Also, who knew you put vinegar in this recipe? It was a shocker to me too!  Needless to say, my mother was happy vinegar was being used! She is a vinegar lover :D

There's my Saturday snapshot! Don't forget to share your links w/ Mrs. Nelsons' Got the Camera!