Thursday, July 25, 2013

Liebster Award #2!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award again! ;) Here is my first award so you can read what this award is.
This time, I was nominated by Jimmy from Teacher in the City. 

Here are the Q's Jimmy asked me: 

1. What would you do differently in your first year of teaching, if any? Or if you are currently going to be a first year teacher, what is the one thing that you are most definitely going to do?
I have a huge list of things I want to do, since it's my first year I already feel myself becoming overwhelmed because I have no idea how teachers fit everything into ~180 days!! :o I would love to have a strong classroom management plan and have my students well versed in our classroom transitions and routines. I have always struggled with these, and I'm hoping if I can teach them right my students will have a successful year. 

2. What grade/subject do you teach now?

I teach JR High Special Education

3. Why did you decide to blog, and how long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for almost 18 months. I love it! I wanted to create a resource for my classmates and for future student teachers. I'm also loving connecting with other teachers around the globe who teach and share a passion for children and blogging! 

4. What is your favorite book?
I don't read that often, but I've always loved the outsiders. I know everyone probably says that, but my HS English teacher was amazing and did some really fun projects with this book. Also, Fahrenheit 451 is a fantastic book! 

5. Where would you most like to travel to?
Ireland & Alaska!! 

6. What’s your favorite technology app to use in class (or what do you plan to use)?
I'm going to try Class Dojo & see how it goes! :) 

7. How do you relieve your stress?
Pedicures with my sister. I also love to go out and take pictures, play in the craft room or spend hours sitting on the couch watching TV and solve one of the Rubik's cubes in my collection. 

8. Do you have any funny teacher stories?
At my last placement for student teaching, I was working with High School students in ALE (self contained).  One student, who was 6'1",  a great reader, highly verbal and loved to talk about bugs, insects and animals was talking to me one day before class let out.  He asked me, "why are you pretending to be a teacher?" I told him, "I'm learning to be a teacher! I'm still a student in college, but once I graduate I will be a teacher." He responded, "NO. You're not a teacher. You're too short to be a teacher and you talk like a girl." I just smiled and said, "are you ready for the zoo field trip next week?" It took all of my strength not to laugh, but he really was confused and I don't think the title 'student teacher' helps anyone, especial if they have a disability! :D 

9. How do you pick your blog topics?
I feel they are random. It's whatever pops into my head, sometimes it's what I'm working on for school that week, or I get inspired pictures or by other blogs on the web. 

10. Are you PC or Mac (or something else)?
PC! (Android for my phone!) I had a mac, but switched over, I can do soooo much more with a PC. 

11. How do you collaborate with other teachers?
I love to soak in information from others.  Everyone has a different background, therefore a different point of view and input.  I also like to a resource to others. I'm always grabbing info and handing it out, you never know when a random piece of info can become useful down the road! 

Here are my 11 random facts:

  1.  I love onions. When I was little, I would sit by the river & eat the whole onion like an apple!
  2.  I'm only 5'3". My younger sister is 5'8". We like to ask random people who the older sister is, without fail they say her. 
  3.  I graduated high school as Salutatorian in a class of 20, the Valedictorian was from El Salvador ..I didn't have a chance! 
  4.  I'm 1/16th Cherokee Indian. 
  5.  I LOVE green!! If it's green, I'll buy it. (even if I don't need it) 
  6.  I'm obsessed with sticky notes. I have a stack of 20+ on my desk (at home). There is no telling how many I'll have at school. 
  7.  I love taking pictures! It's kinda my part time job. :) You can check out my photography page (although I haven't posted anything in a while. ) :/ 
  8.  I'm running out of random facts!! 
  9.  I would love to adopt a child who has down syndrome :) 
  10.  I want to go skydiving and ride in a hot air balloon. I'm not sure how these are going to happen because I'm scared of heights! 
  11. My dad and I both played in our church band. He played base and I played piano. 

My blog nominees: 

Nominees, please answer these questions: 

  1.  What/Who made you decide to be a teacher?
  2.  Where did you grow up? 
  3.  What is your favorite holiday? 
  4.  On Pinterest, what board to you pin to most frequently? 
  5.  Google, Yahoo, or Bing? Other?
  6.  What kind of vehicle do you drive? Does this say anything about your personality?
  7.  Do you have any special talents? 
  8.  Mechanical pencil or old school #2? 
  9.  When you were a child, what did you 'want to be when you grew up'? 

Thanks for reading all about me & my Liebser Award! Check back tomorrow...there are big changes coming to my blog!! :)