Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello, anxiety & nervousness!

Next week is August!! Yikes. I see so many teachers working on classroom stuff! Some teachers are already in their classroom and others even know their kids names.

When I realized this, I began to feel very nervous and anxious about my first year teaching in my own classroom with my own students and paras!! I'm hoping my school will let me in when they start back up next week so I can begin on my class and learn more info about my students! **Fingers crossed**

Still feeling very stressed, I decided to do some research! I wonder where I went for research?

You guessed it...Google & Pinterest. :) They solve everything...don't they!?

In my search I found a ton of info for 1st year teachers! A big thanks to the teachers on the internet who share their experiences to help newbies like myself!

I remembered back to student teaching where one of the seminars discussed the phases of a first year teacher. I have a feeling the graph shown below is going to hold very true. I'm anticipating the 2013-2014 school year and it's not even August! If you want to read more about this graph, visit the link under the image!

Visit Class Crown to read more about this graph! 

When I opened up my Bloglovin' this weekend, I found some amazing advice from Jessica at Literacy Spark!

I also learned so much about donors choose from Laura Chandler! Donors Choose is an amazing resource for teachers to get items for your class & she walks you step by step to set everything up!

There is also a quick donors choose how-to from The Autism Classroom Project.

Caitlin shared a guest post on a special sparkle about working with paras. This post gave me a lot of comfort and reminded me I can work with adults too!

This lovely freebie, 100 Useful Tips for Teachers popped up on Pinterest from Hugs from Hernan. I haven't even gone through the entire download, but it has been a big help!

This Wish Upon a Star Freebie created some excitement to meet parents and invite them to help in the classroom! You can check out the back to school starter pack to help you this year!

If you made it through all of my ramblings...I think you deserve a flash freebie!! :) I made a set of meeting reminder cards to use in your classroom! It's a set of 6 cards (2 cards per design). This is my first flash freebie and will be free until 7/24/13 @ 11:59PM CSD.

TpT          TN
I got my teacher ID last week and wanted to see what stores and companies offer teacher discounts!  I found a huge list of 100 stores to that gives teacher discounts!

With that being said, I have one thing to ask from all of my readers...Tax free weekends are upon us.  Here is a list of states & their Tax Free weekend dates.  I have always been a 'student' when I went shopping for supplies.  Now I am a special education teacher and of course on a budget. :/ Although, I wish that wasn't the case.

Leave a comment to help me answer these questions: 
What am I should I get for my classroom?
What are the essential back to school items a first year teacher should have? 
What items would be the most helpful?