Friday, July 5, 2013

FYP Week5: Classroom Behavior management plan w/ FREEBIE

Miss, Hey Miss! FREEBIE & Classroom Management plan

Happy belated 4th of July! I hope everyone had fun celebrating our Independence and I'm sure some of us will be celebrating again on the weekend! :) Go ahead, celebrate some more! ...You deserve a break! I had a lovely day, I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend. We went to the Alamo Draft house for dinner and a movie!

That's enough about me, let's talk about my classroom management plan! During my undergraduate courses, a short few months ago, I observed a teacher (Mrs. S) in a BMC (behavior management classroom).  I drooled over her behavior management system.  Although confusing at first, it lends itself to what I call "the most intricate & well planned behavior system ever!" I have taken her system under my belt to HOPEFULLY apply it to my Jr. High special education class.

**WARNING-this post will have a lot of info!**
 I hope you're ready for it! I also hope this information will help you with your management plan! 

Here is how Mrs. S setup her system: 

Behavior Plan Explanation pg1 

Behavior Plan Explanation pg2

Daily data sheet

Adapted data sheet

Here's my behavior management system:

My data tracking sheet

The students will have data collected daily on their goals.  They will get a tally each time they need to be helped or reminded of their goal. The tallies are totaled each day and converted into Scholar Dollars.  Students who receive $4 (0-24tallies) for 10 consecutive days will earn the title ‘self-manager and can help with class jobs.’  The student will hold a class job position as long as they are self-manager.  The student can lose the title ‘self-manager’ and a class job position if they receive 120+ tallies for 3 consecutive days.  Students can always earn and loose the title ‘self-manager.’ Here is the conversion of tallies to Scholar Dollars: 
0- 24 tallies = $4     48-96 tallies = $3     120-165 tallies = $2     168-216 tallies = $1     240+ tallies =  -$2

The students can also earn scholar dollars throughout the day by making good choices. (e.g. class participation, quite in the hallways). They can also loose Scholar Dollars by refusing to work, violent behavior, inappropriate behavior, etc.  At the end of every 2 weeks, the students can spend their Scholar Dollars at the Scholar Dollar store. They can by little items like stickers and pencils or larger items such as notepads or pick from the classroom coupon book.

If you would like to download my behavior management plan, please visit my TpT store. You can get it half off until July 6th, 2013!   You will get the daily data tracking sheet, directions on the system, and explanations on how students can gain or loose their Scholar Dollars. Download the Scholar Dollars for FREE on my TpT store!! 

To help me set up my behavior management system, I used these resources: 

Coupon Catalog:

Classroom Checkbook & Economy
Classroom Checkbooks:

Brain Bucks:
Star Bucks:
Scholar Dollars:

If you have questions about this system, comment below or shoot me an email: