Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FYP: For the teacher binder

Miss, Hey Miss! Teacher Binder files

Monday I shared my newly created teacher binder! I decided to stick with my craftiness and create my own instead of downloading anything from the internet and printing it. I talked about each section of my teacher binder & what items go in each section. Please, keep in mind I am a first year teacher and this will more than likely change. I would much rather be over prepared and have a rough outline compared to not having anything ready and stressing! 

Alright, lets start with the FREEBIE! :) I know everybody loves freebies! I am sharing my goal overview sheet. What's the use & idea behind this sheet? I am planning on using it in my Teacher Binder under the section 'Centers & Stations'. As I'm planning centers, stations, and work areas I want to be able to match the tasks to the students goals. What's the easiest way to do that?! THE GOAL OVERVIEW SHEET! It's the quickest, easiest, and most convenient sheet ever!

Take the students goals from their IEP, place it into the goal sheet & place into binder! Every time a goal changes or is accomplished, edit the file & re-print. Now you don't have to sort through meeting paper work to find goals & objects! (I know... your welcome!)

Here's how you can get this handy little goal overview sheet:

Download the Goal overview Sheet: 
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The next few products are amazingly useful too! We have these items in the 'Calendar' tab:

  • Yearly Birthdays
  • Miss, Hey Miss! yearly birthdays document
    • I created this document to help remember and find birthdays easily. I'm always forgetting and if it's right in front of my face every time I open my binder, I will likely remember birthdays!

  • Yearly Overview
    Miss, Hey Miss! yearly overview sheet
    • This was created to plan out my units, major events and important topics to teach. I also created it to help me jot down ideas for the next school year. You know those ideas you say your going to do, but forget about?...I'm going to be placing those in the Yearly Overview. 

  • Monthly reflection sheet 
    Miss, Hey Miss! Monthly reflection sheet
    • This sheet is genius! In my undergrad work, I heard numerous times, "reflect on your lesson," and "reflect on your teaching".  Anyone else hear this too!? I'm going to attempt to hold myself accountable for reflections.  In student teaching, I jotted down my reflections on sticky notes & stuck them to the lesson.  This was great, but I forgot which lessons where great & which were dull/ needed improvement. This sheet helps you organize info as well as list which TEKS/Common core you need to go back and re-teach! Nifty huh?
      Download from MHM TpT
      Download from MHM TN
That's all of the handy dandy forms I have for you today!  Check back Friday for useful papers for parents!

On Friday, I will be sharing: (one item will be a Freebie!)

  • Getting to know you sheet
  • (TpT)     (TN)

  • End of year survey
(TpT)     (TN)

  • Meet the teacher template

  • Class newsletter  

  • Communication Log (FREEBIE!)
(TpT)     (TN)

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