Saturday, July 20, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday(Saturday)!

First Grade Parade Linky! 

First Grade Parade usually does a Pins Friday, I thought I would share mine (even though it's Saturday).  I didn't see a Linky party this week, but share your Favorite Pins anyways!

Here are my top teacher pins: 

I don't know how to describe this site, It's way to amazing for words!
Visit here: The Teacher Treasury 

Free Teacher Binder Calendar! 

Getting rid of your teacher desk!! :o (She is brave!)

Here is my favorite workout pin from my friend: Jessica Marie Design! 

Fitness Printable from JMD! 

Random Pins I love: 

I collect Rubik's cubes, and plan to use them in the classroom.
This Permutations & combinations worksheet could be really cool for the kids!

Places I would love to go!

This is what I feel like after my New Employee training on Wednesday.
I'm saturated! There was a lot info, in a short amount of time...I'm just drifting along in the New Teacher process. This HR mumbo Jumbo is way over my head!