Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Currently 2013

It's June...I'm only ten days late on my first CURRENTLY. :o

You can forgive me right?

photo of Currently in June: listening, loving, thinking, wanting, needing, 3 vacay essentials
June Currently is from Oh Boy 3rd Grade!

Listening to Pandora. I love this website. I can listen to it all day if I'm not around a radio...then it's the radio that takes priority. 

Loving playing with my dog instead of studying for my TExES generalist EC-6.  Yep. My dog was cuddled next to me and I thought I would take a break and wake her up!  Plus I have 2 weeks before my test..that's enough time! Right? :o

Thinking about my new (& first) classroom for the 2013-2014 school year. Who will my students be? How many will I have? What will I have in my classroom to use? How big is my classroom? What is the schedule going to look like? There are a lot more questions, but I won't bore you too much! 

Wanting to finish my last certification exam so I can be highly qualified!  

Needing lots of ideas to plan and prepare for my first year of teaching! 

3 Vaycay essentials: 
1) sunscreen b/c I burn within 15 minutes 
2) camera b/c I love taking pictures! 
3) water bottle b/c it's easier to carry than a Gatorade bottle.