Friday, June 28, 2013

FYP Week4: Take home folder: 'Boomerang folder'

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We are well under way for my First Year Prep Blog Series.  I want to thank everyone for reading, and I hope you can find some of my information useful! I have been researching, creating and compiling ideas and resources like a maniac! This is mainly due to Pinterest, but it's such a useful resource-I can't stay off of it.

So far we have covered class setup, and how to plan your procedures, transitions, and routines with a wonderful handbook, and how to use a power point for the PTRs. Today I want to toss out an idea I had for take home folders.  I want to call them 'boomerang' folders (they leave the school and come back). I'm not 100% sure about the name, I don't want to confuse the kids, but I was trying to think of a 'junior high' word for take home folder. We shall see. In my students' boomerang folders, I will be placing:

  • Left pocket labeled: Return & Right pocket labeled: Keep
  • A weekly classroom newsletter
  • weekly student work that the students can take home 
  • class & school rules
  • Class schedule 
  • monthly calendar & on the back the school menu calendar
  • weekly goal documentation for the parents to sign & return (shows behavior from that day)

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Here are a few ideas off Pinterest for take home folders: 

Once I learn more about my class size and students, I will begin compiling these folders.  I want to complete a weekly newsletter and send it home/email and post it to the classroom webpage. The parents will have a preference of how they want to receive the newsletter. You can download my newsletter template here by clicking on the image below:

I think one of the most important and main pieces of documentation that is in this folder is the weekly goal documentation.  During my undergraduate courses, I observed a teacher in a BMC (behavior management classroom) and I drooled over her management system.  Although confusing at first, it lends itself to what I call "the most intricate & well planned behavior system ever!" I will try to explain everything and share some pictures of what she did and how I will be (attempting) to use it in my classroom! You can read all about my classroom behavior management system next week on July 5th! You can also download a freebie to help start your own system! Until then, subscribe and follow me on Facebook so you won't miss my post for next week!

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