Saturday, June 8, 2013

FYP Week1: Classroom Organization & Themes


     Hello everyone!  I think by now everyone is finished with the 2012-2013 school year! :D Give yourself a big pat on the back, I did! I survived student teaching and landed an interview 3 days after graduation.  The original position I applied for was filled internally, but due to an unexpected opening I was offered another position as soon as it popped up!

     I posted about a new summer blog series I am going to start up.  If you want to see all the details you can see the post: First Year Prep: Blog Series Intro.  Today is the first post int he series & I'm going to share all of the amazing resources, inspirations, and tips I have found searching Google & Pinterest to help me put together my classroom.

Articles on Classroom Organizatoion & Arrangement

Classroom Setups & Organization Ideas (Special Ed classrooms are highlighted)

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     Whew! Are you with me? We are almost done here. After I researched all of that, I decided to jot down all of my favorite ideas that could work for me in a special education classroom.  Now since school is 12 weeks away, I have no idea what my classroom looks like or the supplies I will have available.  I do know I want a 'river' theme.  I planned the areas of my room and thought of a catchy title to go with each area and bulletin board.  So when the time comes to actually decorate-it will be a piece of cake! You can download this FREE planning page from my TpT store-Click the image below.

Thanks for reading, I hope these links will help you plan a warming, functional and organized classroom!

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