Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Year Prep Blog Series Intro

Ok, since I got a job offer-I have been scouring every corner of the world wide web trying to find ideas, resources, and information on how to set up my classroom and get everything done and ready for the next school year.  This won't be like any other school year, because it's my first year teaching! EEEK!

I have also taken it upon my self to try and compile a 'new teacher checklist.'  A few days after the excitement of a new job wore off, I realized there is a lot more that goes into the beginning of a school year than just decorating a class and planning the lessons. -panic mode-

can you help me, Mrs. Martin? This wasn't covered in any of my education courses.

With all of that being said, I am going to do a blog post series over the summer. I will take you step by step into my planning process for next year, my thoughts along the way, and hopefully I can share a ton of information for other newbies & maybe inspire the veteran teachers!  {HOW EXCITING!}

The series will be called: First Year Prep.  

 I have compiled a rough outline below of what you can expect between now & August 26th (Yes, that's the first day of my teaching career). That leaves me 12 weeks.... :o

Sat 6/7: Classroom setup w/ planning FREEBIE
Fri 6/14: Procedures, Transitions & Routines w/ a planning booklet
Fri 6/21: Procedures, Transitions & Routines in the classroom w/ Transition PPT
Fri 6/28: Idea for a take home foler: 'Boomerang folder'

Fri 7/5: Classroom Behavior management plan w/ FREEBIE
Wed 7/10: Teacher Binder Files w/ FREEBIE!
Sat 7/13: Stuff for the parents -beginning of the year communication survey, newsletter, etc. w/ FREEBIE
Fri 7/ 19: Getting to know the kids w/ student 'levels & ability' forms & RTI FREEBIE
Fri 7/26: TEKS checklist

Fri 8/2: Substitute Binder & student portfolio system
Fri 8/16: New Teacher Training
Fri 8/23: In service & Pictures of my classroom
Fri 8/30: First week down!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow...very impressive. Best of luck~I don't think you will need it because you've got the right attitude. Enjoy!