Friday, June 14, 2013

FYP Week2: Transitions, Routines & Procedures {Part 1}


     Hey friends! Did everyone have a fantastic week? I spent my week with my head in my Generalist EC-6 study guide, but if I can pass on the first will be worth all this trouble! :D I have 1 week left to study hard!

     Alrighty, let's get down to business. Last week was my first post to my First Year Prep summer blog series.  We covered Classroom organization & themes, if those links were useful-don't forget to leave a comment! This week & next week we are talking about  Procedures, Transitions & Routines!

     Now, being a first year teacher, I know I am not one to brag about my  Procedures, Transitions & Routines   As a fact, I know I stink at them.  I worked in a daycare for 3.5 years and this is one thing I REALLY struggled with, even throughout student teaching I struggled. This is why I have spent the latter part of May doing a ton of research and planing. {We are supposed to start the year of strong, right!?}  This is how I plan on starting the year off:

     First, I Googled & Pinned some fantastic ideas about  Procedures, Transitions & Routines.  Here is a list of what I found:

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Pinterest Search: 

     After all of that astounding research, I needed somewhere to sort out my own transitions, routines & procedures. Therefore, I created my own Procedures, Transitions & Routines Handbook (PTR handbook)! I have found this to be super helpful for my planning.  There are a few that I can't 100% plan because I don't know the schedule for my school year, but once I do-I can insert them.  Planning my PTR's was not an easy (one evening) task.  I spent several weeks filling out my handbook and I'm still filling in bits & pieces as I think of them.  You can see a few images of my PTR handbook below(excuse the cell phone pic).  

photo of my list of procedures, transitions and routines
My list of PTR's I have 39 of them! 
photo of how to do the procedures, transitions, and routines
Breaking down 'how to' do the procedures and when I want to teach them by as well as a location to note when I think the students have mastered the PTR's. 
     If you would like a copy of my handbook (in PDF form) -you can download it at my teachers pay teachers store for $1.50. The handbook is mainly green in color, but can be printed easily in grayscale/ B&W.  It includes the following pages: A cover, blanks to list your PTR's, a how-to, an evaluation page & songs & cues page. You can download a sneak peak of the evaluation by clicking the image below

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