Monday, August 13, 2012

Make it Monday | Hanging file folders

Hey everyone, for some reason I thought yesterday was Tuesday, so I posted 'Tips on Tuesday.' Then I realized today is Tuesday and yesterday was Monday....oh well. Here is my 'Make it Monday.'

 I recently decided I needed to become more organized in my daycare lesson plans but what would be a good way to visual organize beside a binder or another folder? Here comes the research on google & pinterst. I found these inspirations!

 This one is from the blog of: Remarkable Home

This one is from the blog: Classroom DIY

This idea is from the blog: The Silver Lining

And a few others I found at Micheal's, Pinterest, and a blog called: A Southern Layd's Ramblings

After all of my research, here is my finished results for my daycare lesson plans.  I even put a folder for the next week's lessons and a place for the blog's weekly calendar and future ideas. Enjoy! 

Picking my paper pattern.

Tracing the shape of the folder onto scrapbook paper.

Done tracing, Now I will cut it out & glue it on my folder. 
Line them up, glue on the clear folder tabs &
grommet each one to put the ribbon through. 
Clsoe up of ribbon and grommets. 
Top half of files. 
Hanging up with H-E-B thumb tack hooks. 
Bottom half of files. 

Tada! Hope this helps your organization! 

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