Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tips on Tuesday | 60 different educational Apps | PREZItation | San Antonio teacher

Hey everyone!

I am of course a fan of prezi.  If you haven't heard of it, please try it.  You just might get hooked on prezi! I love it...well, after I figured out how to use it.  It does take some practice to make a prezi.  So what is prezi you may ask?  In my words...its like a futuristic, interactive power point presentation. You can put an actual power point into the prezi, you can put videos, photos, links and more.  You can also make them all interactive.  Here is an awesome example I saw on Prezi's FB page today!

Awesome prezi! 60 Education Apps in 60 Minutes

Please note, most of these apps are geared towards ipad, iphone, etc.  If you know of any similar apps regarding pc, and android please share in a comment below! 

I hope this helps in your classroom!

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-Hey Miss