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classroom jobs and classroom helpers

I recently saw a pin on pinterest explaining helping hands, I decided to make my own and try it with my 4 and 5 year olds.  They love to help and I like to give everyone a chance to help, but I would usually forget who has and hasn't helped and I wasn't able to accurately document previous helpers. Here are the helping hands I found from Ashleigh's education Journey.

classroom helper system and class job system

Here are the ones I created, but wasn't able to get them laminated.  I did blue for boys and red for girls. 

I quickly realized, I have twice as many girls as boys so the boys would be going more frequently than the girls....That's not "FAIR."  I also realized in pre-school some kids are enrolled part time (Tue/Thurs or Mon/Wed/Friday) where as others are full time (M-F).  This would mean the kiddos coming full time would have more chances to be helpers.  

So I started putting tallies on the back of the hands and if that helper had 1 or 2 tallies, I would pick another student present who had no tallies and let them be the helper.  Now I am back where I started-a confusing system.  

This system may work great for your classroom, but for me it doesn't.  Then I found The Teacher Wife's blog where she used the buckets and sticks. Here is her idea: 

"This next idea I copied from the primary leaders in my church {primary leaders work with the children}. I will use this bucket every time I need to choose a student to be my helper or answer a question. I know this idea isn't new to anyone, but I love the idea of keeping the sticks in the red bucket, until they get a turn, and then the stick will go on the outside of the red bucket {in the purple bucket}. When I go through all my students, I will return all the sticks to the red bucket and start over. This will keep me from picking the same students over and over! I got both buckets from the Target dollar section and I added ribbon to the handle bar just for fun." 

This will be my next attempt at the 'helper system' this coming fall.  I may be teaching 2's or 4's.  Either way-it should make a difference and make it easier to keep track of. :) I will definitely keep you posted after school starts. 


I found this idea on the Mailbox's education center.  Classroom helpers Sunshine
I might do this one for centers, or partners. 

Then a similar one from Flamingo Fabulous, although this is more behavior management related. 

Okay, that is all for today. Sorry about the loonnnggg post.

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