Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Positive Reinforcement Vs. Punishment in Schools | Guest post | tips on Tuesday

"Positive Reinforcement Versus Punishment in Schools"

Written by:  Ashley Johansen 

Imagine you're back in a classroom, eight years old. A student near you does something that you know he shouldn't be doing; throwing a paper airplane, or making silly noises to make the other students laugh. When the teacher catches him, what happens? If it's his first offense, he probably gets scolded and nothing more. But after multiple disruptions, the whole class knows that the student is going to be sent outside to sit in the hall, or, if the student's actions are really terrible, to the principal's office for suspension.

This scene is familiar to most of us. If you were a goody-two-shoes like me, you might have been irritated by Disruptive Kid and been grateful to see him go. But is punishment really the best way to deal with challenging students?

The battle between positive reinforcement advocates and punishment advocates is relatively old, but the argument gets even more interesting when applied to older kids, like high school, or even university students. Punishment is dealt more quickly and severely for bad behavior in higher education, but positive reinforcement is practically non-existent. As small children, we were taught to expect a gold star, or even a special treat when we performed well in school. Why does this same principle not apply to older students? People wonder why students who were so talented in elementary school seem to sink when they reach high school and college, but the answer seems relatively obvious. In elementary school, kids are immersed in a culture of positive reinforcement and minimal punishment, but high school forces them into the complete opposite environment, and students are expected to instantly adjust.

Some people attribute this problem to the fact that tenured teachers are older and won't change their ways, and some still hold to the old "spare the rod, spoil the child" mentality. Whether or not this is true, many teachers and administrators claim they simply don't have the time or the patience to focus on rewarding good behavior. Unfortunately for them, that excuse is no longer valid. Some studies* have shown that reinforcing positive behavior works, even if you don't reward EVERY good behavior, whereas punishment only proves successful when you punish EVERY bad behavior. So positive reinforcement would actually take less time. 

On the other hand, punishment seems to be the only way to get through to some students. How can a teacher possibly cater to every child's individual needs, especially with the size of a classroom growing as quickly as it is. Maybe punishment is the best way to deal with a larger group rather than each individual. 

What do you think? In your own experience, which has been more effective, punishment or positive reinforcement? Should teachers try to cater more to individuals, and if not, which side is more conducive to a healthy learning environment for the majority? 


Author bio: Ashley Johansen is a recent graduate from Brigham Young University in Utah, with a bachelors degree in English and an emphasis in creative writing. She is currently working as a content writer for Honors Graduation, an online graduation supply company, and drafting her first novel. Ashley currently lives in the Utah area with her wonderful husband of two years. She is passionate about education, especially children with special needs, and is grateful her career allows her to be an advocate for progress in the public school system."

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday finds | Organizing your classroom | San Antonio teacher

friday finds miss hey miss

We have all seen these awesome drawer makeovers, but I wanted to share another from Teaching 2 and 3 year olds.  There aren't any pictures of the process but she give a link to a post about how to successfully create this super cute idea! Now you have something fun to do this weekend...as if you didn't already have something to do. :)

plastic draw makeover from teaching 2 and 3 year olds
click on the image to go to the post

Another great idea for organization in your classroom is from the Mailbox's the education center. 
I am subscribed to their emails and they send some amazing tips!! 

Extra Forms

This timesaver eliminates the need to copy extra forms for students at the end of the day. Label a supply of pocket file folders with different subject areas and attach the folders to a bulletin board. Inside the corresponding folders place extra copies of your weekly spelling list, math practice sheets, or reading recording sheets. When a student needs a replacement for a lost form, she simply locates the appropriate folder and takes one without having to ask for an extra copy.

extra papers spelling folder example

I hope these tips have helped! Have a fantastic weekend.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Crafternoon | Grandparents day crafts

Grandparents day is Septembr 9, 2012!! 

Thinking about grandparents day gifts? Here are a few ideas. This first one is from The Mailbox's education center.  I am subscribed to their emails and the info they send is...
It is another resource to subscribe to! 

Anyways here is the first craft: 'Soup-er Grandparents day greetings'

Showing grandparents or other special adults how much students care is as easy as A, B, C! Have each child make a greeting card by folding a 9" x 12" sheet of light-colored paper in half. Then instruct him to draw a bowl of soup on the front of the card and add desired decorations. Next, have him glue alphabet pasta in the soup bowl to spell a message. On the inside of the card, direct him to write a short message along with his signature.
grandparents day craft for soup-er grandparents

If you know anything about me, I LOVE google! So any google search on 'grandparents day craft' will produce amazing ideas if you search in images.google.com. :) 

Also, search pinterest! 'Grandparents day" and again, you will get some many ideas! I hope your grandparents love your crafts to show how much you kids love them! Feel free to email me (contactmissheymiss@gmail.com) some of your creations or share them in a comment below! 

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teaching with an Interdisciplinary Approach

what's up wednesday sharing how you teach with an interdisciplinary approach

pedagogy in action teaching with interdisciplinary approach

I found this article discussing why you should teach with an interdisciplinary approach.  It has some interesting points.

  • What are your thoughts?  
  • Is this a good (acceptable) way to teach?  
  • Should every teacher be like this?  
  • How would you want your kids to be taught? 
  • Are there teachers already like this?
Comment below or send me an email: contactmissheymiss@gmail.com.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time Management Techniques | Teachers, parents and even college students!

how to manage time with brian tracy

I hope you had a relaxing 3 day weekend!  I did.  The only thing better than a 3 day weekend is a 4 day work week. Yes!! It’s NOT 5 DAYS!...Only 4 days. J We can do it!

Ok, now on to the good stuff!   I found this article on Brian Tracy’s site.  He has some great info on his site from personal development to time management and leadership.  This article in particular is focused towards focusing your mental techniques to become effective.  He shares how highly effective people become GREAT at time management.  Do you struggle with time management? These are some tips to help you. 

Check out this article: 
how to manage time with brian tracy
Program Your Subconscious Mind for Time Management Success: 
4 Mental Techniques Used by Highly Effective People

Are you excellent at time management?  How to do you successfully manage your schedule, to-do lists and more? Comment below!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Finds | Awesome teacher resources

Friday Finds from Miss, Hey Miss.  A San Antonio teacher and parent resource.

It's Friday and we survived our 1st week of school. Some of us even have 3 day weekends !! Whoo. My Friday finds include inspiring words from a young aspiring teacher, an awesome book for teaching students how to 'treat' books, and a massive resource of free lesson plans! 


"Free lesson plans?" 

Yes, 2,00 lessons from awesome teachers! Check it out!

Teacher First Alliance: Why I want to be a teacher.  Teacher inspiration
Teacher Inspiration: Why I want to be a teacher! 

Chalk Talk blog: Lesson using Maybe a Bear Ate it!
A Bear Ate it: Teaching how to take care of books from Chalk Talk

2,000 free top teacher core lesson plans from learnzillion.com
2,000 Free Top Teacher Core Lesson Plans form Learn Zillion

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Have a good weekend. Miss, Hey Miss!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's Up Wednesday | Collaboration

Welcome to the first post of What's up Wednesday, where my readers can get involved and tell me what's up with their classrooms and even your own children.

Today's discussion: Collaboration.

Here's some info on learning how to collaborate from CEC's Reality Blog.

How did you learn to collaborate?
What are some good tips / tricks?
What isn't working in your current collaboration? It can be teacher-teacher, parent-teacher, etc.

Do you fear this dreaded 'C' word?  Since it's the beginning of a new school year, lets set communication up to succeed.  Lets collaborate and work together in the best interest of the KIDDOS. :)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips on Tuesday | One Extra Degree's Tech Tip Tuesday

I stumbled across a pin the other day from a blog called "Once Extra Degree: confessions of a teachaholic."

This post was covering her tech tip tuesday discussing technology resources for teachers.

She discusses: Glogster, Prezi, Pandora, Free Rice, Teacher blogging basics, and more! Go check out the second link above and note these great resources!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tips on Tuesday | Donors Choose

I am subscribed to Reality 101: CEC's blog for new teachers and if you are a new or 'upcoming' teacher, go ahead and 
subscribe.  This site is awesome and I get great info in my email frequently. 

On to today's tip.  On CEC's blog, today's post covers the new school year, new toys, and new ideas.  If 
you are in need of anything for your classroom visit www.donorschoose.org

How does it work? 
1. A donor gives something to a classroom project. 
2. Donorschoose.com delivers the materials to the classroom. 
3. The kids learn and send thank you's back to the donor. :) 

In their words: 

"DonorsChoose.org is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need.

Here's how it works: public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on DonorsChoose.org. Requests range from pencils for a poetry writing unit, to violins for a school recital, to microscope slides for a biology class.
Then, you can browse project requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its funding goal, we deliver the materials to the school.
You'll get photos of your project taking place, a thank-you letter from the teacher, and a cost report showing how each dollar was spent. If you give over $50, you'll also receive hand-written thank-you letters from the students.
At DonorsChoose.org, you can give as little as $1 and get the same level of choice, transparency, and feedback that is traditionally reserved for someone who gives millions.We call it citizen philanthropy."

Hope that helps some classrooms and teachers! 

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Finds | Classroom Helpers | class jobs

classroom jobs and classroom helpers

I recently saw a pin on pinterest explaining helping hands, I decided to make my own and try it with my 4 and 5 year olds.  They love to help and I like to give everyone a chance to help, but I would usually forget who has and hasn't helped and I wasn't able to accurately document previous helpers. Here are the helping hands I found from Ashleigh's education Journey.

classroom helper system and class job system

Here are the ones I created, but wasn't able to get them laminated.  I did blue for boys and red for girls. 

I quickly realized, I have twice as many girls as boys so the boys would be going more frequently than the girls....That's not "FAIR."  I also realized in pre-school some kids are enrolled part time (Tue/Thurs or Mon/Wed/Friday) where as others are full time (M-F).  This would mean the kiddos coming full time would have more chances to be helpers.  

So I started putting tallies on the back of the hands and if that helper had 1 or 2 tallies, I would pick another student present who had no tallies and let them be the helper.  Now I am back where I started-a confusing system.  

This system may work great for your classroom, but for me it doesn't.  Then I found The Teacher Wife's blog where she used the buckets and sticks. Here is her idea: 

"This next idea I copied from the primary leaders in my church {primary leaders work with the children}. I will use this bucket every time I need to choose a student to be my helper or answer a question. I know this idea isn't new to anyone, but I love the idea of keeping the sticks in the red bucket, until they get a turn, and then the stick will go on the outside of the red bucket {in the purple bucket}. When I go through all my students, I will return all the sticks to the red bucket and start over. This will keep me from picking the same students over and over! I got both buckets from the Target dollar section and I added ribbon to the handle bar just for fun." 

This will be my next attempt at the 'helper system' this coming fall.  I may be teaching 2's or 4's.  Either way-it should make a difference and make it easier to keep track of. :) I will definitely keep you posted after school starts. 


I found this idea on the Mailbox's education center.  Classroom helpers Sunshine
I might do this one for centers, or partners. 

Then a similar one from Flamingo Fabulous, although this is more behavior management related. 

Okay, that is all for today. Sorry about the loonnnggg post.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's up Wednesday | New Teacher Tips

Welcome to the first post of "What's up Wednesday."  This is a post where you share what's up with your class and kids at home.  Today we are sharing New Teacher tips.  I'm sure all of us new and upcoming teachers would like to know some awesome tips to teaching.  If you have any info to share, comment below! Thanks for telling us what's up on your Wednesday!

I have shared 2 links below with some tips I have found, If you have any links you may also comment below!

43 New Tips for Teachers 2012 from Free Technology for Teachers

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tips on Tuesday | 60 different educational Apps | PREZItation | San Antonio teacher

Hey everyone!

I am of course a fan of prezi.  If you haven't heard of it, please try it.  You just might get hooked on prezi! I love it...well, after I figured out how to use it.  It does take some practice to make a prezi.  So what is prezi you may ask?  In my words...its like a futuristic, interactive power point presentation. You can put an actual power point into the prezi, you can put videos, photos, links and more.  You can also make them all interactive.  Here is an awesome example I saw on Prezi's FB page today!

Awesome prezi! 60 Education Apps in 60 Minutes

Please note, most of these apps are geared towards ipad, iphone, etc.  If you know of any similar apps regarding pc, and android please share in a comment below! 

I hope this helps in your classroom!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Make it Monday | Hanging file folders

Hey everyone, for some reason I thought yesterday was Tuesday, so I posted 'Tips on Tuesday.' Then I realized today is Tuesday and yesterday was Monday....oh well. Here is my 'Make it Monday.'

 I recently decided I needed to become more organized in my daycare lesson plans but what would be a good way to visual organize beside a binder or another folder? Here comes the research on google & pinterst. I found these inspirations!

 This one is from the blog of: Remarkable Home

This one is from the blog: Classroom DIY

This idea is from the blog: The Silver Lining

And a few others I found at Micheal's, Pinterest, and a blog called: A Southern Layd's Ramblings

After all of my research, here is my finished results for my daycare lesson plans.  I even put a folder for the next week's lessons and a place for the blog's weekly calendar and future ideas. Enjoy! 

Picking my paper pattern.

Tracing the shape of the folder onto scrapbook paper.

Done tracing, Now I will cut it out & glue it on my folder. 
Line them up, glue on the clear folder tabs &
grommet each one to put the ribbon through. 
Clsoe up of ribbon and grommets. 
Top half of files. 
Hanging up with H-E-B thumb tack hooks. 
Bottom half of files. 

Tada! Hope this helps your organization! 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Finds | Miss, Hey Miss | San Antonio Teacher

Welcome the first posting of Friday Finds! 

Friday Finds will be a weekly posting of my finds from all corners of the great internet. :) If you don't know, I love Google and Pinterest.  I will share links, inspirations, freebies and more.  Check it out weekly to get great info!

Free Stuff: 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Crafternoon | July Wreath and Rainbow Fish

Welcome to my weekly Thursday crafternoon, I will be sharing fun, engaging and interesting crafts.  Today I am sharing my top 2 favorite crafts from July!

4th of July Wreath:

Use a paper plate and this star wreath pattern from christian preschool printables.  You can also put glitter, I used confetti to add more decorations.

The Rainbow Fish:

After I read the story, Rainbow Fish we did a coloring page.  (Here is a Rainbow Fish youtube version) I used foil for the one shiny scale, colored the fish and glued some tissue paper on as well. You can get a free pattern here.

Meet the Teacher

     Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I thought I would introduce myself.  I am a fifth year senior at UTSA studying Special Education.   I have had extensive hands on experience growing up in a church family with a child who has down syndrome and another that was a shaken baby.  Here is where my interest began.

     Then I spent some time babysitting and tutoring.  I graduated from High school as Salutatorian and received a full scholarship from the Cailloux family in Kerrville, Texas. Once my Junior year began I decided to get a job at a daycare.  First a very small daycare with a capacity of 30 kids.  Then moving to a much larger daycare with at least 10 rooms with a max capacity of 15 students per room.  When summer came around, that number seemed to double because of school age.  I have currently been working there for 2 years.

     With UTSA, I have acquired 100+ hours of observation ranging from 'back' units, to BMC(behavior management classroom), to general ed, and to ESY(extended school year).

     Now I am finishing my last year at UTSA and planning on teaching somewhere in S.A. With this blog, I am hoping I can combine my research and information from my undergrad work and set up a useful resource for me and other teachers.

Have a good Tuesday!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tips on Tuesday | teachertipster

Here is an awesome teacher tip website.  It's called teachertipster.com.  There are lots of printables and a you-tube channel with great information!